Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Katie J's Birthday Giveaway!

Had a decent night last night. Only did a few minutes on the Wii. We had pork tenderloin, baked potato and salad for dinner. I was pretty tired so I went to bed early since I am now setting the alarm for 5:45 a.m. We got our walk in this morning yay! We are already improving on speed so I want to start going a little farther now.

Today, is the day to pre-order the new iPhone 4. It is probably going to be a zoo at the AT&T store so I will most likely wait until after work to go and will go to the store by my apartment. The phones will be released on June 24th which is a week from Thursday. Too cool!!! I will be giving Dave my 3G. He doesn't even like cell phones but that is a whole other post!

I am going to give one of you lovely readers a present for my birthday which is next Monday the 21st. It is a DVD of Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post telling me if you are the type of person who arrives on time or are you always late for a very important date? If you Tweet or Facebook the giveaway, you can earn an additional entry for each posting. I will accept entries until midnight Thursday, June 17 and announce the winner Friday, June 18th. This is open to ALL readers. Good luck!

I got my Pink Armband the other day and it was a M and it was a little too tight so I asked Julia if she wanted it. She told me she had a Zebra print in Large if I wanted to exchange it so now I have a Blue, Pink and Zebra armband plus the original black one. For $6 it is a fun and cheap way to express myself :-) I feel a little saucy with the zebra one! LOL! Until next time...


  1. Happy Birthday in advance!

    I can't bear being late (and I hate being kept waiting even more!) so I'd always arrive on time. I'm no white rabbit! ;o)

  2. Cool giveaway!!!! I am always always always early. lol Better than late in my book! :)

    I don't like crowds- so i will wait for the iPhone 4 hype to die down a little bit...besides I got my iPad to keep me company. :)

  3. hahaha. Zebra print. Aren't you just the wild woman?!

    Well, I am a person that is almost always on time. :) It takes another person to make me late--which is usually my husband.

    5:45! Wow. You are definitely on you way!

    I am NOT a morning person. I've been trying to work myself into setting the alarm for 7:30. It's not going too well...

    Love the contest!


  4. I usually start celebrating my birthday a week before my actual day too! :D

    I try to be on time most of the time - my husband would rather be 30 minutes early than 1 minute late.

    I can remember driving to his son's away football games and we would be the only ones in the stands for AN HOUR before the next people arrived!

  5. Tweet sent- Happy EARLY birthday! :) oohh that reminded me that I MIGHT have jury duty that day! BOO!!!!

  6. Early early early - being late just kills me.

    I think it's so cool that you and my husband share your birthdays! And what a sweet thing to do - give a present for your birthday! I'd love to win the DVD as I haven't seen the movie (I know, for shame!).

    How exciting to be getting the new iPhone! They are fun - I've played with my friend's phone. Unfortunately, no iPhones for us until our kids are off of our cell phone plan.

  7. Cute giveaaway. I am always on time. You are so lucky to be able to get all the new stuff. If Dave doesn't want his 3G I know someone who does.....

    Great way to celebrate. You more bang for your Bday buck.

  8. Oh happy early birthday! I hope you have a good one! I'm the 19th- together we make up a bday weekend! I love the idea of bodybugg armbands, and the zebra one is probably what I'd pick.

    I am always late. Always, though I wish I wasn't. It's known as a "thing" in my family, for example the whole town where my grandmother lives knows her as the lady who wears pink and walks into Mass late, and sings the loudest. Oddly, they like that about her. I don't get it. :)

  9. Happy birthday! I am always on time.

  10. What a cute idea :) and happy birthday!! I am always, always late. But I try!

  11. :) love the give-away... been thinking about picking up this DVD, now my kids' favorite (OK, definitely one of mine, too).

    I used to be chronically late. For some reason, with the changes in my lifestyle, that's changed. I'm pretty much always on time or a little early. It's funny to me, because it wasn't something I set about consciously.

  12. happy early birthday!

    and I arrive early to just about everything :)

  13. Happy Birthday KJ! Great giveaway - and I am one of those annoyingly early people who is always at least 10 minutes early to everything. Chronically late people are one of my pet peeves!

  14. I hate being late. I like arriving a few minutes early so I don't feel rushed and frazzled.

    I'm still in the dark ages with my phone. I don't even get text messages.

  15. Happy Early birthday!!!!

    I used to be late all the time... but for the last couple of years.. I have been changing it around and becoming a person that arrives on time or before I need to be. I prefer that!!!!

    I am going to wait a little bit to get my 4G.. but I am sooo looking forward to it!!!

  16. Love the Zebra print and glad it made you feel "saucy"! lol

    Me? Im always early or on time! I totally freak if there is even a slight chance Ill be running even one minute late!

  17. If it's a very important date, I am usually very on time. If it's not so important, count me in on the late side. Happy birthday wishes early, because it's very important.


    here's hoping you are celebrating for an entire week :)

    I know I will....


  19. Cute give away. I will put a blurb on my Facebook status for you today:)

    I am a on time or early person for important events such as dr. appts, church etc..

    Happy Early Birthday my friend! I hope you celebrate for a whole week!!

  20. Always early, usually the first one to arrive at anything! Thankfully my husband is the same, so we work well together!

  21. Happy Early Birthday-I am always, always, early for things, even work by 15 minutes.

  22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for the 21st!
    I am always early to an appointment! If by some miracle I am late, it's due to something that I had no control of.. like a broken leg!

  23. Hope you have a great birthday! I am always running late! I hate it!!

  24. Happy Birthday (soon) and enjoy your weekend in S.F!

    I am always early. I am too shy to be late and have everyone stare at me when I walk in late. In fact the few times I have ever been late for anything(out of control situations)... I have considered skipping whatever it was to avoid the embarassment

  25. I am always a little early.

    Happy Birthday!


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