Wednesday, June 23, 2010

LHA Summer Weigh-In #7

Went home last night after work and expected the handyman to be there but apparently he called in "sick." Okay, thanks for the advance notice!! Grrr... I am trying to roll with the punches when it comes to the antics that transpire around our complex but it is getting on my very last nerve.

Speaking of getting on my nerves, I got on the scale this morning and I am up 8 lbs. :-( which puts me back at 260. Some of it has to be water weight because of all the sodium I have consumed lately but I did overindulge over the last week or so, so it is also a result of that. So... that would mean I need to lose 4 lbs. a week over the next 5 weeks to get to my goal. That is a steep number so I am shooting for losing 70 lbs. total by cruise time or 3 lbs. a week. No more lollygagging Katie J! Back to tracking! The good news is I drank 64 ozs. of water yesterday :-)

My plan tonight is to go to the gym for cardio and a do a few weights. Tomorrow night I meet with Grace for the last time. I need to write down all the things she has shown me so I can replicate them. I am going to hold off on going to her privately. It is $50 session and she wants me to go twice a week. It is worth it BUT it I want to build up my savings account too. I could go to a trainer at an alternate location too so I have options. I just need to think about it some more. Until next time...

P.S. Laurie is giving away her bodybugg! Check out the post here!


  1. That's right!! No more "lollygagging" Katie J! You can do this! Great going on the water. Keep it up!

  2. I hope you kicked it in the gym today. And I hope you know you're amazing with that water intake! Keep up the good things!

  3. Just keep the water flowing (both ways!) and the calories down and you can come close, if not still achieve, your goal! Scales are total bastards.

  4. Ha - had to laugh at Leslie's comment!

    You can only move forward, don't look back, you can't change anything so just dust yourself off and have a kick ass workout.

    There is SO much free stuff on the internet I would put your money in the bank and not a trainer. I need to try some of these exercises - maybe when I get in better shape, but she has good ideas.

    And thanks for stopping by my brothers blog today - I appreciate it! :D

  5. I loved working with a personal trainer but also found it to be costly. I agree with Biz - so much stuff available on the internet, not to mention the myriad of DVDs etc. that are available.

    Keep on chugging that water and chugging along - I'm sure you can meet your goal!

  6. Well, I'm sure some of that weight is sodium, but yeah, it's time to buckle down and get serious so you will meet your goal...and who might just hit that 75 pounds mark!

    I think the key for your exercise is going to be consistency. Maybe just pick, say, three things (walking, wiiing (just made myself giggle with that one after reading Leslie's comment) and swimming?) and force yourself to do one of them each day for the next month.

    At least you know where a good trainer is for when you want to dedicate more time to those kinds of workouts...but you haven't seemed super motivated to get there, so maybe they aren't for you at the moment. Just my 2 cents - you know I'm rooting for you!

  7. I love trainers. I just wish that I had the money to have one. I guess I'll have to wait. *sigh*
    I think we are all kind of picking ourselves up, dusting off, and getting back on track. I'm right there with ya! But we can do it! Just keep on truckin'!

  8. Doable goal, keep your eye on the prize!

  9. Can you say water weight? There's no way you actually gained eight pounds. You would have had to ingest an extra 28,000 calories! Stay with it and you'll see those pounds drop off.

  10. I'm sure that weight will be off in no time. No way you gained 8 lbs in a week! Don't give up!

  11. I think some of the "weight gain" is water however, it is time to rededicate yourself to your goals. Eye on the prize girl no food is worth gaining weight for.
    I'm worried about you I know this is a tough time waiting for answers.Im here if you need me you have my number and my email adresses:)

  12. Scales suck, so does water weight and so does gaining back weight you worked hard to get off. Keep focused on your goals, you CAN do this!!!!


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