Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Mish-Mash

Sample picture of my bike. Mine has a pink bell, white wire basket and nothing on the backend

Today is the first day of school where I work. I am in the office so it is nothing like the regular chaos that ensues on a first day but you can feel the difference in the energy. Plus, we have some new staff in the office so that shakes things up a bit.

As I mentioned yesterday, we went to see Despicable Me - Great movie, great story and super amazing 3-D effects. Wowie! We split a small popcorn and soda and I got some M&Ms. We had a late breakfast and early dinner so I budgeted them in and it was well worth it.

I am feeling more settled in our new place. Now that things are more organized I feel much better. I found some crucial paperwork that I was looking for so it took a major load off. The only major task left is the storage and to get my bike.

My bike is in Danielle's garage. It has been since last November. I did not have anywhere to store it and she had the space available in her garage. She offered to give me a key but then never got around to it. I have been asking about it the last few times I saw her. I need to coordinate getting an air pump over there (I have a compressor) and prepping it for the ride. It is a mile or two from her place to our new place so it will be a breeze to ride it home. One of my new neighbors has offered us her storage unit so that is my bike's new home :-) I just need to install some hooks in the ceiling. I miss my bike a lot. I rode it quite a bit last summer and fall. Dave got it for me for my birthday last year.

My eczema is acting up again. I think that it is stress that triggers it. I just have never had an outbreak as bad as I did back in July. This time it seems to be isolated though and since I have a stronger ointment to use this time around I should be able to get it into check pretty quickly. Oh and try not to stress. A lot of it has to do with old apartment and the crap associated with that. Maybe if I increased my exercise it would help as well. What a novel concept! Doh! Until next time...


  1. I'd love to see Despicable Me! Good luck with getting your bike back!

  2. Do you know what I would do to get that bike - OMG it's PINK!!!!

  3. Your bike is so pretty! Hope you can get back on her soon. And sorry to hear about your stressezema - hope it all goes away soon!

  4. I have been debating with myself about getting a bike. I want one of those old fashioned ones like you have! I just have to get up the nerve and ride one...I have not ridden for years!!! I am sure that I would amuse the neighbors for a while.

    Such a nice bike!!!

  5. Love your bike Katie!!! I look forward to buying myself a bike and riding when I hit 100kg. I use to love cycling a few years back when I lost 25kg.

  6. I should have known, only my girl Katie could rock a girlie pink bike with a basket..... it is too cute! (I think you should add some pizazz to that basket)

    Good luck with stress, but your right... alittle more exercise may help with that (=

    Have a good one hun.

  7. heres hoping that since Im a day late that your stress has plummeted?

    heres hoping...

    MizFit who COVETS the bike.


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