Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ouchie and Despicable Me

I have an ingrown toenail :-( I missed my pedi because I wasn't feeling well and it went south. I ended up at Urgent Care and they wanted to take the nail off but I was too chicken. I have had it done before and it is painful to get the Novocaine shots in your toe. He said he thought I could take care of it and gave me instructions on home care. I have been soaking it and it is doing better but ouchie!

Dave and I went to see Despicable Me. It was so super fantastically cool and amazing 3-D! Loved the story and loved the effects. Wow!! It is nothing like I remember 3D being when I saw it before. Hope you are enjoying your day. Food has been moderate. Have been getting some exercise and will Wii later. Until next time...


  1. Sorry to hear about your ailment, that sucks. Hopefully you will be "back on your feet" in no time.

    I've been looking for an excuse to see a movie in theaters (haven't been in 5+ years,) Despicable Me looks amazing.

    Have a great week Katie!

  2. Ouch, so far I have been lucky, sorry about yours, what do they recommend that you do. I love 3D movies. how is your new place. sorry I have not been around much, have been thinking about you. take care. hugs.

  3. Ouch indeed - how can ingrown toenails hurt so badly?!? I feel for you - hope it gets better soon.

    Glad you liked the movie - the trailer, where the little guys punched each other, cracked me up every time I saw it!

  4. Ouch- hope your toe feels better soon!

  5. eeeeek! i hope your toe heels soon, like RIGHT NOW!
    have a good week, K!

  6. *smack*
    here's a little kiss!
    For the ouchie!

  7. Ah that sucks about the toe :( Glad you enjoyed the movie-I'm going to see Eat, Play, Love today with a girl from work~

  8. xo xo for the toe.
    I have been there dont you know :)

    (thus endeth my attempt to rhyme. we have seen that movie more than 3 time...)


  9. sorry about your toe - those do kill! We still haven't seen that movie yet, its on our list :D

  10. I agree with the novacaine in the toe. Had that done before and OUCH!!! I really want to see that movie, maybe I'll go check it out!


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