Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Organizing (with Pictures)

As I mentioned, I have been working on unpacking from the move and getting organized. Well I wanted to show you a little bit of what I have done. This is the back of our bedroom door. I hung removable hooks on the back of the door so I could hang necklaces. I found that if I have them handy then I am much more likely to wear them. If they are in a drawer I tend to forget about them.

I like having my closet sorted by colors. It makes it easier to get ready in the mornings. Pants are on the left hand side and then black (lots of it), white, blue, green, pink and red blouses. We have a big closet so I could actually seperate them by season but I think I will wait to do that when I get to goal.

Here is how I am currently storing my earrings but while I was gone on the cruise, I decided to go with these instead.

Easier to access the earrings then unscrewing the little jars. I have them sorted by color and styles as well. Man when I type all this out I sound a little anal retentive don't I? Okay, you don't have to answer that... It was purely a rhetorical question...

These are pictures of the bathroom. I got these monogrammed towels at Bed Bath and Beyond. Man is that place dangerous!!! We bought a shelving unit for the pantry and it was missing parts so I went back to exchange it and dropped another chunk of change on misc. stuff. I had the beachy tissue holder and bought the other matching accesories for it before but did not have any room to put them at the old place so I returned them. Now I have lots o'counter space so I bought them again.

This is where I will be weighing in. Nothing glamourous but I thought I would share :-D
Since there is so much room in the bedroom closet, I am able to store my hats (I love hats!) and handbags on the top shelf. I have the purses labeled by style: Day-to-day, evening and travel. I also have a bunch of XL clothes my mom gave me so I packed them up and put them up there too. My mom is a pretty stylish gal. I am so grateful she has given them to me and looking forward to fitting in them. It is a weird concept to think I will be able to wear something that she has ever worn. She wears a large now and weighs about 125 lbs.

This is my bookshelf. It is mostly pictures though. I am leaning less towards books and more towards digital but there I have a love of books so it is a hard call. Meanwhile I still have a stack to read before converting to the digital world. I just love the picture box above the bookcase! It has a little beach chair with an umbrella and a cabana. Very cute in person!
Have I ever told you how much I love to burn candles? I burn them every day. I like the smell and the lighting. I am a big fan of dimmed lighting - we have a chandelier with a dimmer switch in the kitchen and I LOVE it. I have candles all over the house but since I was in the bathroom taking pictures I thought I would capture these. BTW, I didn't want my reflection in the mirror since I had jammies on so that is why there are two pics of the counter instead of one. Well there you have it! Now you know what I have been up to. Until next time...

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  1. My father used to apologize when people said he was anal he just says thank you :-)

  2. Hey I'm anal retentive too, I mean organized (=
    I'm glad to know that I am not the only one who sorts her clothes by color (I also go from long sleeve to short sleeve). I agree though it makes is so much easier when you are looking for a paticular shirt to wear (=
    I also love hats! When I was going through chemo it was a good excuse to buy what ever hat I fell in love with!
    Well everything looks great! So when are you coming to my house to get me all organized? (Just kidding)

  3. It feels so good to have everything in its place! I organize my earrings the same way! It makes it really easy to pack. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Looks great!!! I love it when things are organized, not that it ever stays that way for long in our house with 5 kids helping to unorganize everything!!

  5. Love this post so much!!! I have little hooks that I hang my necklaces from - I'm the same way...I need to see all of my choices or I will forget I have them! Great idea for the earrings - they are always a challenge to keep sorted and organized.

    Love your beachy bathroom! And I totally sort my clothes by color (and sleeve length). Dang, we could be twins!

  6. I love the pics! Thanks for sharing!! Have you ever watched Monk? If so my husband says I remind him of Monk.. Just imagine. I drive everyone nuts fixing

  7. I'll fly you to Texas to organize my house! :)


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