Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

Had a nice night last night. I just got a PINK Netbook and was playing around with it. Isn't it adorable! I was thinking about getting a Kindle but this will serve both as a reader and internet tool. This particular model is called Promise Pink and they donate a small amount to Susan G. Komen Foundation so that was a bonus.

Made dinner for Dave and I - Steak, baked potatoes and broccoli. The baked potatoes were a little underdone (hate that!) but otherwise the meal was good. I played Wii Resort (1st time) and OMG it was fun! I played ping pong, basketball and skydiving. I actually won the first game in ping pong! Of course I did not have my bodybugg on... I really need to get better about keeping it on and not ditching it as soon as I get home.

I have been a less then stellar participant in the two challenges that I am/was participating in. Given my life circumstances last month, I guess it makes sense but I can't help but feel like I failed. I can turn that around though and say given the circumstances I did not gain any weight so that is progress.

We just replaced the bed frame for our bed and what a difference. It feels like a fluffy cloud again. I finally feel a little more settled in our new place. It is quiet and cute and we have friendly neighbors. Who could ask for more then that right? I do miss the location of the old place but nothing else. I miss being by Danielle and Dave being close to the fitness (Senior) center. The rest was hell.

Speaking of the old apartment, I am going to have to sue the landlord. He owes us about $6,500 and Dave's daughter about $3,500. I am trying to look at it as a learning experience. I have documented like there is no tomorrow and taken lots of pictures. I have contacted various city and state agencies to report him and even went to the extent of writing the neighbors. I don't think I will have too much trouble winning in court. The city and the local police department are on my side as well, thankfully!

I have been obsessive about my skin and wrinkles. I keep staring at myself and wondering when did I get so old lol! I am trying not to be so consumed with it. I do know that it is a part of life but... it bums me out! I don't like it! Meanwhile, I am trying to take extra steps with moisturizing and exfoliating etc. Need to save up for some dermabrasion ;-)

I am thinking about going to Eureka to see my biological siblings on Labor Day weekend. It will take some coordination but it just might work. Candace (niece) needs to run up there and get some of her personal items and we could split the gas. It would be good to have a co-pilot instead of going it alone. I really don't want my mom to know I am going but not sure I can pull that off.

Thanks for the reading the randomness. It feels good to get it out vs. it banging around in my noggin know what I mean? Hope you are having a good week! You still have time to enter my Giveaway by the way. I will announce the winner tomorrow morning.


  1. Boy your landlord owes you oodles of money. Glad to see you've documented everything and your have the authorities on your side. I hope it turns out well.

    I hope you're able to meet your siblings. What a reunion that would be. You know Katie I hear you about the aging. I too am trying not to obsess. I see pictures and it looks as though my face has just fallen. All we can do is MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE.

    Why do men get to age gracefully and us...well, I won't depress you further.

    Hope you end up going to Eureka.

  2. Katie - all I can say is that if you feel old now, wait a few years! I think I'm a pretty young 57, but sometimes I look down at my arms that I forgot to moisturize that morning, and the skin looks all crepey!!! AAHHH - shoot me now. Actually, I'm thrilled to be alive, and gladly accept the related changes. Don't have to like them all, but I do accept them.

    I've also been a pretty crappy contender in my 2 challenges, and I appreciate you saying that. Seems all I have to do is sign on for one and my good intentions fly out the window.

  3. I think it's understandable that you have had a lot going on so you haven’t been able to get into your challenge as you would like, but to be able to manage your weight going through a lot is an accomplishment in itself!

    I think you are right, it’s a good idea for you to have a co-pilot when you go on your trip. Good luck with that Katie (=

  4. I'm not going to make my "run 8 miles without stopping" challenge by Labor day (for Biz) so don't feel least we tried, right?

    A pink netbook? What brand? I want one sooooooooo bad!!!!!!!!

  5. You had me at Fingers crossed everything works out with court. Hopefully it wont turn into a really big mess.

  6. So excited for you that you are feeling settled-I've been taking steps with my skin all this summer so hopefully down the road I'll be happy with it-its never too early or too late to start!

  7. Oh, that's a lot of money you guys are owed. Kick his but and get it back.

    And I hat undercooked potatoes too!

  8. I like the randomness. It can't all be about diets and exercise can it? I like your new notebook. I bought a similar one for my wife for Christmas last year. She loves it.

  9. You have a lot going on. I hope you can get the money back that is owed you. That is terrible!

    I do hate the wrinkles too. But I am happy to be alive and I hope those birthdays keep coming!

    Oh what fun it will be to meet your siblings.


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