Friday, September 24, 2010

Forward Friday

I was on my own for dinner so I had a Lean Cuisine for dinner. It was the premier night for my fave shows so I DVR'd all of them. I walked a 1.1 miles and went to bed about 11:00 pm. I happened to jump on the scale this morning and it is going down so that was nice to see.

Saturday I am going to meet up with my mom for breakfast. I have not seen her since before Labor Day which is a long time for us - I have talked to her and emailed her daily but I have been working through some mental stuff (some WL some not) and just needed a break from visiting with her.  I imagine we will keep it fairly surfacey but I am hesitant to share any info regarding my biological family so as to not upset her. If she asks I will tell her but I think it is better for everyone if she knows as little as possible.

Speaking of biological family, I mentioned before that I was trying to track down my bio-father. I put together a letter and will be sending it out to 5 Bruce L. Smiths tomorrow.  Hopefully I get a response but if I don't then I think I will just leave it alone. I have survived all this time not knowing so it won't be the end of the world if I don't. At least I know I have tried my best to locate him. I did speak to a woman who was married to a Bruce L. Smith but we are not sure it's the right one and there is no phone number so hence the letters. Guess I just need some closure.

Sunday we will most likely go to an Oakland A's game. I bought tickets awhile back but we never used them and Sunday is the last day. They are not in the running but it would be fun just to go and watch. If we don't go we will most likely go to the movies so we will just wait and see how we feel. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thanks for all of your support about the Hot 100 Challenge! Until next time...


  1. Hope you have a great weekend Katie. Hope you have a nice breakfast with your mom too tomorrow.

  2. You're so organized to DVR your shows and watch them when it's a better time. I miss so many that I end up buying the season DVD the next year. Have a nice visit with your mom.

  3. Good luck with your letters, guess your right, you have made do, but ya know, i still wish you luck xx

  4. Hope you have a nice time with your mom...And GO A'S! That's my team :) I've only gone to one game all season and it was for the Giants lol.

  5. Do you watch the NBC shows? I love them! Good luck with your letters - you never know what will happen. Worth a try, but I think you've found the real gems in your birth family already. Hope you have a wonderful weekend - I love professional baseball, so enjoy!

  6. Good luck with the letter Katie. I hope you find your biological father and that he turns out to be all you're hoping for.

    Have a happy and healthy weekend, and make sure you don't splurge too much at the game!

  7. Glad the scale the is going down for ya!

    I think it's awesome that you wrote the letters, not so sure if I would be so brave. I hope you get the closure that you deserve.

    Have a great weekend, and enjoy the time with your mom!

  8. I know how strange time with Mom can be stressing-not normal makes me feel uneasy if it is too surfacey. But sometimes I just do NOT want to get into things with her. Wishing you a normal breakfast!

    And good luck with your letters, I think it is a good plan...

    Polar's Mom

  9. I sure hope something good comes from the letter writing! You deserve good stuff, lady!

    Thursday's a slow night for our DVR. Tom & I watch Big Bang Theory, he gets American Chopper & I'm a Project Runway addict but that's about it.

  10. I hope you find the answers you are looking for with your letters.
    I looked at your goals for the hot100challenge and there all good doable goals. I think staying on track on the weekends will make a big difference in your weight loss every day counts.

    Have a nice weekend and get your exercise in!

  11. Im hoping to see the scale go down soon as well.


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