Tuesday, September 14, 2010

From Whence I came

Sandra Turner and Bruce L. Smith (circa 1966)

Sandra Turner (circa 1980)

While these are not great pictures, it gives you an idea of what my biological parents looked like. I believe, Sandy is pregnant with me in the 1st picture.  I definitely picked up on some of their physical traits. I have my father's smile and my mother's eyes, skin coloring and height. It is so bizarre for me to type that I can't even explain it!

I have been doing a little research trying to find Bruce L. Smith. It is such a common name AND California is a big state. I never really gave him much thought because I knew they were not really together when she got pregnant so I figured he just moved on and that was that. None of my other siblings have seen him in years either. They all remember him fondly though saying he was a positive influence when he was around. He took them fishing and camping and such. He would be about 68 years old now if he is still alive. Given the lifestyle him and my bio mother lived (separately) it would not surprise me if he was dead. I guess it would be good to know but I am not going to obsess about it.

Speaking of biological family, I need to glean the medical information from the documents the social worker sent me. For my entire life, when providing medical background, I would just say "Adopted" and leave it at that. Well, now since I do have some medical history, I can update my file. The only red flag that I see is that my grandmother had Uterine Cancer and all the women in the family have had menstrual issues, including me.  

Last night was uneventful. I had some Sweet and Sour Chicken with Broccoli for dinner (PF Chang's) and Wii'd for a 1/2 hour or so. It had some pineapple in it but I thought I would be okay with it but it upset my belly.  Tonight I will be going to La Paloma for dinner with Danielle. I always have the same thing when I go there and it is the Crab Tostada. It is de-lish!!! I just need to avoid the crack chips and salsa and Mango margies. Until next time... 

Katie J


  1. I can see you in both of them...so cool that you have these pictures!

    And I don't know why, but "Mango margies" is cracking me up...have a good time tonight!

  2. It must be so neat to discover all of these things about your biological family. At the same time, I am sure it is emotionally draining. I am glad to hear you are balancing life with some Wii time (and mango margies of course!).

  3. I can so see you in those photos! It's a little bit amazing that not that long ago you had no information and now you have pictures!

    Have fun tonight and remember the Mango Margies only half count as fruit - lol!

  4. Katie good luck on your quest to find out more! Sounds like a fun, exciting adventure for sure. And keep up the good work on the Wii!!


  5. I can see you in both of them. :) I wish you best of luck on your search! *Hugs*

  6. You're on quite the quest, dear heart. Like solving a mystery--only the mystery is you. Take is slowly; enjoy the ride; remember, you're alredy you. Deb

  7. Wow-must be so surreal to see pics and get that history and background-crazy!

  8. I hope you do find him. Finding your 'roots' is obviously something that is important to you.

  9. Thats so great that you can find some closure on your bio family.

  10. It would be so awesome if you were able to find your dad but I understand that part about not getting excited. You have a lot of info to process it seems lately.


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