Thursday, September 30, 2010

Moderation Nation

Last night was fairly uneventful. Had homemade shredded beef tacos for dinner. We used the leftover meat from the roast I made on Sunday and they were yummy! I did go for a walk but it was a short one. I would post my screenshot but they haven't updated my computer at work yet. I need to load the bodybugg software on the Netbook so I can upload them without using my work computer.

Have you heard of Moderation Nation? I hadn't heard of it until I received an email about it. I went to check it out and boy howdy it is full of helpful and useful information! Here is their mission statement:

The HERSHEY CENTER FOR HEALTH & NUTRITION was established in 2005 to develop and support cutting-edge scientific research for products and technologies to provide consumers with a range of snacking choices. The Center studies the nutritional benefits of cocoa, chocolate, nuts and other nutritious ingredients, and uses this information to guide product development and consumer outreach.

The Center is collaborating with the ADA on consumer and health professional initiatives including MODERATION NATION.

One of the tools that they offer that may be useful to you is to meet with a Registered Dietitian. They will cover the cost up to $250! If your visit exceeds that amount, then you would be responsible for that portion. I met with a Dietitian through my health care provider and it was very helpful to me. Especially with portion sizes!

The other tool that I found very useful is their App from iTunes. They encourage you go to get a minimum of 30 mins of activity per day and have a tool that you can log your activities to keep track of the calories you burn. For example, if you do housework for 10 mins. you can add that into your activity for the day since you are burning calories.

Today is going to be another 10 degrees cooler so AMEN to that! I am so done with all the heat. Not sure what my plans are for tonight. I should try to find an exercise class to attend. I would really like to go swimming but my eczema is acting up so that is a no-go.


  1. second the "Amen" to cooler weather!!!! It seems like everyone else was getting it but Texas (=

    Thanks for the great info, you always share the best stuff!

    Hope you are doing well!

  2. Thank you so much for the comment on my blog. I look forward to following you on your journey.

  3. That's funny that Hershey is promoting moderation...I have a hard time with moderation when it comes to their chocolate, lol!

  4. moderation nation - it rhymes. i likes it.

    mmm... beef tacos.

    i made it on to the wii. thought of you.

  5. Wow, that is impressive that a chocolate company would do something like that for the population and potentially lose some consumers. Love me some Reesus even more now.

    Polar's Mom


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