Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Weigh it Goes (Hot 100 - Week 1)

The rest of my day did not go much better but alas today is a new day. Amen!! Thanks for all the feedback and support ladies! I have some major decisions to make but I will not allow this to sidetrack me damn it! I am not the same person I used to be though and I am prepared for whatever happens.

Danielle called and asked me to come over and we picked up food from La Paloma for dinner. At 98 degress it was a little too hot to cook.  I had a Crab Tostada.  Since it was still so stifiling hot so I did not do any exercise either.

The scale said 260 this morning which is a 3 lb. loss from last week. Yay!! I am just going to focus on moving forward even though I have seen these numbers again and again. For the challenge, I would like to do a check against my goals so let's see how I did this week.

  1. I will lose 2 lbs. per week.  I lost 3 lbs.
  2. I will wear my bodybugg from 7:00 am until 10:00 pm daily including weekends. I have worn it everyday and posted my screen shots accordingly.
  3. My exercise plan is to exercise a minimum of 30 mins/day for a minimum of 5 days a week. I walked 5 days out of 7 this week for a minimum of 30 minutes.
By the way it is not too late to join the challenge. The close date is Friday, October 1st. I did not make it to the gym this week but I at least will be going to Zumba on Saturday.  Speaking of the gym, I got my monthly newsletter from 24hr Fitness and they have added a new class called Body Pump. It will start on October 9th which is a week from Saturday. It looks like a tough class but an effective one. I definitely want to try it. Looks good huh?

Not sure what the agenda will be tonight. Maybe Tacos at home... It is going to be WAY cooler today. Like 15 degrees cooler which makes me happy. 85 is way better then 100! Hope your week is going well. Until next time...

P.S. I did not upload my screenshot because I have to update the software and I need MIS to help.


  1. You did great with your plan - and losing 3 pounds is awesome!!!

    I am intrigued by Body Pump classes and if I ever join a gym, I'd take one.

  2. Great job sticking to your guns Katie! Keep that up and add Body Pump and you really will have "guns!"

  3. Katie-I leave for body pump in 45 minutes-you will love it. I only use the smallest weights on each side and honestly the first three days after my first workout I could hardly walk. haha. Lots of lunges but super fun~

  4. Looks to me that you are making steady and good progress, even with other parts of your life being unsettled. SO, excellent. Don't let the unsettled events make an excuse for you to go off the getting healthy journey.

  5. Bone density-right on!!!

    Polar's Mom

  6. What an awesomely successful week!

  7. That's a great loss for one week ... you really worked. I'm new to Zumba but I really love it. The leader is so good and such a natural ... it inspires me to keep at it.

  8. Congrats on the 3 lb. loss and good luck with your goals! :)

  9. WOW! Great work, Katie J. You're not just on your way - you're off and running!

  10. Great job on meeting your goals AND losing 3 pounds!
    I've heard great things about Body Pump!

  11. You did great this week:) Me, not so well on the challenge. But I am going to commit and get serious now that some traveling is over and done with.

  12. You are on it! Keep doing your did amazing this week!

    I am here via Hot 100


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