Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fessing Up

Well yesterday I decided to have a few beers. Well I had ummm... 6 of them with salt and lime. Needless to say I am feeling a little puffy today. I slept from 8:30 until 8:30 this morning! Yikes! I just came back from a 1 mile bike ride. I had been wondering what the appropriate PSI was for the tires and it was right in front of me when I went to inflate them. It is supposed to be 40-65 and I had been doing 30 tops. What a difference! I think I need to come up with a name for my bike. What do you think?

Tonight we are having Salmon for dinner which is my fave. Plan on getting another bike ride and some Wii in before the day is done. Until next time...

Katie J

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  1. All is forgiven, Katie - lol. Wow, you were having some fun last night and then a coma in the bed for 12 hours. Fantastic that you went out for a great ride on your bike. Is that your bike...all cute and pinky...I think you should pick a name. Pinky Tuscadero...Happy Days, remember?

  2. I like Pinky for a name! I was thinking Inez. Just to be weird. I keep thinking I want to get a bike. Need to save some dineros first.

  3. I love the bike! So cute! I want to get a bike too- but since I already have a road bike, it's hard to justify buying another bike, especially when I have so many other things that need my financial attention first. Still, I'm jealous and I think it's beautiful. :)

    I love salmon too- glad to hear you're having a great weekend and relaxing with friends and fun!!



  4. You are never going to believe it but I have a pink bike too. It is two years old and I have rode it about 5 times, I get laughing and then would have a cataplexy spell and fall off, I have a pink car that I called precious for years...let us know. good for you for going for a bike ride after drinking those beer..I would love to be entered for the giveaway. have a great week. hugs.

  5. My friend call her bike Rita-haha.


    is that too long a name? :)

  7. Pretty bike! Last time I rode a bike (about 5 years ago) I was so saddle-sore I couldn't feel anything 'down there' for 2 weeks! :o(


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