Monday, October 4, 2010

Puffy Monday

I am still feeling puffy today. I am sure part of it is sodium from Saturday but I think the other half is my eczema acting up. So annoying! I am an itchy mess. Good thing it is only going to be 70 degrees out today because I have a log sleeve shirt on today.

Well I did go on another bike ride but it was short. Dave's legs were hurting and he did not want to go too far. I need to get a new headlight for my bike so I can go alone. He got agitated because I had my iPod on and he was trying to talk to me. Speaking of my bike, I want to come up with a name for her. Any suggestions? My fave so far is MIZFIT IS SOOOOOOOOOOO FLIPPING JEALOUS AND COVETS ME.

I need to do a serious amount of sweating between now and Wednesday. I happened to peek at the scale and it was NOT pretty. Lot's of water and lots of sweating are the POA! I am on my own tonight. Dave has volleyball to referee. I have some leftovers but I may have dinner with Danielle. We will see. Until next time...

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  1. I like the name Pink Thunder or Pink Mist for a name. I named my blue car Sapphire.

  2. Been catching up with you. I am jealous of the new bike too. Pinkey is the oh so orignal name I've come up with.

    Drink lots of water!

  3. I am puffy too but just in the foot department!

    Stop peeking at the scale! (Should probably take my own advice here)

    I like the name Petunia...

  4. I like Pinky Tuscadero, too - think I saw that on the last post. Keep riding, keep pushing the water and hopefully the scale will say something good on Wednesday!

  5. I stink at coming up with names. I am more of a voting girl!! Good luck with the scale. I know how mine drives me

  6. ok FIRST? waters and sweatysweat.

    next? PINKY McGEE :)


  7. Sodium will really show up on the scale for me. Lots of water will help pull it off. As for the name of the bike - hmm. I'm getting more of a powerful vibe - maybe Venus? Athena?


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