Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday & Febreze

Hallelujah it's Friday!! It has been a long week and I am ready for the weekend! I had a nice dinner with my mom. I had Swordfish with Mango Salsa. Delish as always! As I anticipated, we kept the conversation light and mostly focused on my brother coming in on Tuesday. I will be picking him up from the airport on Tuesday and dropping him off on Wednesday.

No screen shot for today! :-( I misplaced my bugg at home. I don't have earrings on either so I am feeling kinda nekkid!

After I got home from my mom's, I decided I wasn't in the mood for riding my bike but told myself I needed to do something. I chose to use the evil pieces of rubber for some resistance training.  Thursday night is when all my fave shows are on so I did the training while I watched Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. My arms are feeling it this morning but in a good way!

Have I ever mentioned that I am a Febreze addict? I love ALL things Febreze! They recently came out with a new product called Set & Refresh. They come in a number of scents including: Meadow & Sky, Linen & Sky, Spring & Renewal, Apple Spice Delight, Hawaiian Aloha and Thai Dragon Fruit.  The last two are my favorites in the Air Effects spray.  The Set & Refresh I bought was Meadows & Rain as shown above. The Walgreen's I went to only had two choices and I liked this one better. It was very simple to assemble and I noticed the light scent right away. You can adjust the base of it to allow for larger rooms and for smaller rooms like bathrooms, etc.  You can go to their website and print out a $1 off coupon on this item. There are also coupons for their other products available. There were some reviews on their website citing that the refills are hard to find but hopefully they will ramp up with the production and they will be available soon. By the way, I was not compensated by doing this review. I just love the product and thought I would share with you.

No concrete plans for this weekend. It is supposed to be nice weather wise. I would like to do Zumba on Saturday and I have some organizing and cleaning to do. Maybe I can get my supplies together for painting. Dave will be doing games both days but home in the evenings so we will be doing our walk/ride hopefully. If he is too burnt, I will go alone and wear my iPod. Hope you have a good one! Until next time... 


  1. Hi, I am new here I was just browsing through weight/fitness blogs. Love to meet others that I can relate to. I also LOVE febreze. I spray it all the time on my sofa :)Please feel free to pop by my blog. I'd love a new follower!

  2. You reminded me of the resistance bands I have in a drawer. No doubt about it ... they work. But only if you use them! You've inspired me to dig them out.

  3. OMG! I totally forgot about watching Grey's and Private Practice! ACK! Oh, I'm with you on the Febreze. I'm an addict too. LOL

  4. I'll have to try those evil bands soon-haha-have a great weekend~


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