Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday Things

Had a good night last night. I got my toes done as scheduled. The color looks great! I took a picture but left my phone at home today by accident. I have determined that my feet/toes are no longer cute. I have wrinkles hair on my toes, veins all over the ankles and the lovely addition of scars from the eczema. I used to have cute feet once upon a time but those days are gone :-(

Dave made dinner for us which was Chicken Fajitas. They were super tasty! Had a salad to go with.  We went on our ride/walk around 8:00 p.m. We went a little over a mile as usual. We talked about expanding the route so I will map it out for us.

Tonight I am going to see my mom for dinner. Going to the Fish Market as ususal. My brother is flying in early next week for a meeting in the East Bay. We can talk about his visit so it will deflect from any deeper discussions. Amen to that! Dave and I will go out for our walk/ride after I get home tonight which will be about 7:45ish. I am so glad we are working it in our routine. Until next time...


  1. I love that you are getting into a routine with the bike riding/walking every evening! Jeff and I were doing that when I first started losing weight - we would bike ride around our neighborhood. I got an odometer for my bike and we would ride around - usually I would have a mileage number in my head that I wanted to reach. Jeff would ask "are we done yet?" and I would say no - a little bit longer - it was fun to stretch it, from 1 mile to eventually around 5 miles. You are on your way!

  2. I definitely don't have cute feet lol, size 12 just isn't cute no matter what they look like lol. Glad you and Dave are biking together and getting in a good routine. Always feels nice to exercise with someone. Hope your dinner with your mom goes ok.

  3. This polish ho wants to know what brand and colour. I love cropping. That way I can show what I want and get rid of anything I don't want anyone to see. :D

    My feet aren't the pretty, either. Size ten wide gunboats, more like. *sigh* Guess that means I have a good understanding. Get it? UnderSTANDing?

    I kill myself.

    Or probably should...


  4. Hairy toes eh? Me too... I use hair remover... no one need know! lol

  5. Hi, I found your blog through Cinner and I'm so glad I did. I am also changing my health and lifestyle and love that I can find support on the net!

  6. I have to get my toes done soon. Winter is a good time to work on getting nice feet-I need them for the wedding-haha~

  7. Mmmm fishy fishy fish. Keep going! You're doing great.

  8. hmmm.
    now I long for a pedicure as well for my WRINKLY (when did that happen!?) notsopretty these days feet.

    have a great weekend.


  9. Nice progress all the way Katie J! Michele at

  10. No matter what kind of feet you're stuck with, everyone's toes look better with pretty polish. I kind of have duck feet, but I'll bring them out of hiding after a good pedicure. No, my toes aren't webbed, but they're kind of sprawled out like that. Quack!


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