Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Tidbits

Made it through the boob squishing ordeal. I am so glad that it only happens annually because that just isn't any fun. Necessary but no fun. Fortunately they were able to take me in early so that helped ease the trauma of waiting.
Dave is sick with a horrible cold. He sounds and looks like crap, poor guy.  I just hope like heck that I don't get sick from him. I don't have any time off work available so that would be a big bummer. I made scrambled eggs with cheese and toast for dinner. After the junk food escapade, my belly was iffy so it was just what the doctor ordered. Hoping for a decent weigh in tomorrow but we shall see.

I slept like a freaking log last night and feel SO MUCH better this morning. I can think clearly and I have energy. Like I said, I hate that CPAP machine but it really does help me and makes a difference in my sleep quality.

My mom and I will most likely be going to the Fish Market tonight. She needs some help writing out bills and with her computer. She is having trouble with her vision more and more which is making her depressed. I will dedicate a post to this soon but in the meantime I am trying to help and also come to terms that it is happening to her and there will come a day where she will not be able to drive. I am hoping and praying it is in the distant future but you can never tell. If you are the praying type, please keep her in your prayers. Until next time...

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  1. It's always good to have the mammo overwith! Glad you survived, and hope you don't succumb to Dave's illness. I'm a big believe in zinc lozenges, like Cold-eze. Tastes awful, but I think wards off germs.

    I have to tell you that just today, Katie, your Thich Nhat Hanh quote about peace jumped into my field of vision, and I love it. It was just what I needed today.

  2. OMG tatpic made me laugh! :) nice one, good to get that out of the way. Got to protect the bewbees!!

    Nothing like a really good nights sleep is there. Totally refreshing!

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Katie! You are just ahead of me, sliding down the scale (by about 10 lbs). I can follow your trail down the hill ...

    The cartoon was hysterical (and isn't that JUST how we feel afterwards?) ... I enjoy your sense of humor. You know, Mammograms HAD to be invented by a guy. I'd like to see how FAST the medical community would develop a better system if, for instance, the Twig & Berries had to be "screened" - flattened this same way - for testicular cancer. TELL me they wouldn't have a new test in a nanosecond. LOL

    Anyway, it will be fun to watch your scale/health shifts, since we have a similar journey. Are you still on insulin?

  4. Gorgeous picture.
    Have a lovely, cold free weekend chick.

  5. LOVE that cartoon! Very, very true, unfortunately. Good on ya for getting through it.

  6. omgosh! i LOVE that pic. lol

    - Lisa

  7. Omg that cartoon is too funny-your sense of humour rocks~

  8. love the cartoon and HECK TO THE YES about the restorative power of sleep.
    Mine was good not GOOOOOD! last night and I still feel worlds better as well.



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