Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hump Day

Thank you SO MUCH for the positive feedback on yesterday's post. It was really is humbling to read.  I am feeling a whole lot better today both mentally and physically -- thank goodness.  I took care of some things that were looming over my head so that helped. Also getting a little extra rest helped - I went to bed at 9:30 last night.

Do any of you eat Hamburger Helper? General Mills passed on this coupon to give to my readers. I have not had Hamburger Helper in years myself. I wonder if they have added new flavors since I ate it last.

I have a hard time drinking water regularly. I have my coffee EVERY morning but rarely do I drink water during the day. We have water delivered to our office so I have fresh water available AND it is hot/cold. In an effort to get more water down my pie hole, I bought this cute cup.  So far it seems to be helping me at least get a few more ounces down.  Why is it that some people have no trouble drinking water?? Wish I was one of them!

The plan for tonight is to make chicken with mashed potatoes and green beans. We also need to do some organizing around the place. The restaurant we are going to for Thanksgiving is right across from where we live so I want my mom to see our apartment. She has not seen it since we moved in (August) Walking is on the agenda as well. Hope you are having a good week! Until next time...

P.S. Sean at Diary of a Winning Loser hit his goal this morning!! Go over and read his post here.


  1. VERY cute cup!

    Yeah water... I'm with Allen (Almost gastric Bypass's) Challenge to drink half your body weight (or more) in water everyday.

    I have time goals that I set and I have to pound the water down if it gets to that time and I've not already finished it.

    AM - wake up and not allowed to get in shower until my first 500ml is done.
    Am - Drive to work - 500ml
    10.30am - snakc time 1L water must be done
    12noon - 1L water done
    2.30 snack time and 1L water done
    5pm - home time 1L water must be done
    8pm - 1L water must be done
    bedtime 500ml water must be done.

    That gets me to 219.7 a day. Hit or miss. Most days I'm topping out around 169oz. But it works! :D

    You can do it!!!

  2. You find the cutest things - love that pink cup! I got used to drinking a lot of water when I was really cutting back on my calories - it helped to fill me up. Then with the Texas heat and exercise, it was a necessity. Now, I find that I miss it if I can't drink a lot of water (like on the days we were flying - I didn't want to have to make a ton of trips to the airplane restroom). You'll get used to it - and I'm sure that cup will help!

  3. I go through phases with my water drinking but I find that when I'm not drinking water I really am not drinking very much of anything.

    Love your cute cup!

  4. Figures that the one thing I don't have trouble with is drinking water. But I love your sharp cup! Whatever makes drinking water more palatable, do it!

  5. I a glad you are feeling better. :) I HATE water. lol I clicked ont he link and it says I have "already printed the coupon?" Hamburger Helper makes a whole grain one now that tastes great and the kids love it.

  6. I ALWAYS like drinking from a straw better.... and have a hard time with enough water.

    I have cup envy :)

  7. We had Hamburger Helper for dinner tonight. It was yummy!

    Love the pink cup! I am trying my hardest to drink water. Before this weight loss journery I would normally drink one glass of something per day. I'm just not thirsty. So, it's been a struggle to say the least. The things that have helped me are #1 a straw, #2 ice cold, #3 lemon.

  8. Hope today finds you feeling better. you and I are so alike with the water, what is working is by timing myself to have drank so much by then. it seems to help. Keep staying positive, you will do it. life just tests us sometimes. lol big hugs my friend.


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