Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Post #600

Hard to believe that I have written 600 posts. Especially for the fact that I never considered myself a writer. I have definitely improved my writing skills through my blog. I consider myself fairly tech savvy but I have also learned quite a few technical things from blogging too.

I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately. It is not one particular thing but a combination of things. My , finances, my mother, Dave, work, bio family. It has really been emotionally taxing. In the past, I chose food to numb the pain and stress but with my new lifestyle it is not an option.  I have found, however, that those habits can slowly slip back into the scene. Last night Dave brought home my crab tostada and I usually only finish half because it is pretty big. Well last night I was upset about finances and I gorged out on the salad and chips and had dessert after that! I was full when I went to bed and I was belly aching this morning and it has been awhile since I have felt like that. I used to have this feeling often but boy oh boy I do not miss it. Blerghh...

But alas, today is a new day. Have I mentioned there is a workout room on site where I work? It is fairly small but does have everything one would need for a good workout. I have access to it 24/7 and have I ever used it??? That would be a NO! I went to check it out yesterday because they had recently remodeled it. I am going to make it a goal to workout at least once there this week. I could have lunch in the courtyard and then workout for 20-30 mins and then go back to work. All I need is to bring workout clothes. I have shoes in my car. Hope you have a good day! Until next time...


  1. Katie, I just wanted to say that I'm proud of you for not feeling like you have to turn to food. And I love that you're seeing today as a new day. Look how far we've come! And congrats on the 600th post!
    Be well.


  2. I love that you have written so many posts. Do you know how many I have printed off? ALOT.

    I too feel a little bit overwhelmed. *hugs* a lot going on huh?

    Good idea on the work work out. I need to get in to working out after work too. We can do it girly.

  3. Amazing how crummy a lot of food can make you feel now. Didn't we used to get happiness from it? No??? Funny how the mind forgets. Sorry things are overwhelming for you - maybe the gym will help you work out some of your feelings. Hang in there, my friend.

  4. YAY! Congrats on your 600th post!! 600 awesome posts I might add! I am so happy that I found your blog almost a year ago! :)

    You are doing fantastic on this journey! I know what you mean about sliding backward. It happens gradually and can definitely sneak up on a person!

    Tomorrow is a new day and I know you'll make it a good one! :o)



  5. 600 posts? You are my blog hero! I too am so happy that I found your blog this year. It really has helped me find my way back from the dark side so many times this year.

  6. Happy 600th post! I'm sorry you've been feeling so overwhelmed lately. I hope you start feeling better soon. *HUGS* Ultra cool about the workout room. I would love to have one of those. :)

  7. Awesome job posting 600!!! Your my hero - I also have access to a work out room and have recently returned for a daily visit...Good Luck!

  8. The "big" 600!!
    Glad to be around for the ride, Katie!


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