Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Run Away

How are you guys doing this week? I am hanging in there. Food has been fairly good but I have been off on my exercise go figure. I am getting a little but nothing to write home about. I think this is the key to the remaining weight I need to lose. I have lost as much as I am going to doing what I am doing. Even though I have maintained over the last few months frickin year my body has changed. Muscle has replaced fat in quite a few places. I need to do measurements to confirm but I can tell in the way my clothes fit and my posture.

These are my new running shoes. Cute eh? They are on sale at Kohl's for $59.99 and I have a 15% off coupon.  My other athletic shoes were not designed for running so that is why I am getting these. I figured if I was going to incoporate jogging/running into my repitiore then I should have the proper shoes.  The issue I have with running is the bouncing. I wear two bras (one reg. one sport) so my boobs don't bounce too much but my belly sure does. Does anyone else have this belly bouncing problem? What do you do about it?  It is annoying as all hell!

Most likely will go to my mom's tonight and go to the Fish Market. Always a healthy meal there. Seeing my mom lately has been extra draining. I love her with all my heart but she can be very trying sometimes. Her vision is getting worse and it is causing her to be depressed which is totally understandable. It just takes me extra energy to see her and I am struggling myself - does that make sense? Until next time...


  1. I am a two-bra workout woman as well. I had/have more of an arse-bounce than a belly-bounce, but potato/potahto...

    Anything made with some strong lycra helps hold it in place. And on occasion, I've worn my Spanx under the lycra...just make sure you take it off right after your workout to prevent anything unfortunate from happening.

    As you progress, you will probably notice less of a bounce - running uses the core muscles more than you'd think!

  2. Have you tried an under armor shirt? Something that will stick close to your body and help alittle with the jiggly belly. Wear it below your normal work out gear. I find it helps with the belly. It doesn't matter what I do with my boobs, they smack me in the face. :)

    Love the shoes!

  3. I bought a bra from the website Moving Comfort, the Fiona. This was at the recommendation of Shelley over at My Journey to Fit. It is the BEST bra ever. I am able to run, jump, do my TKD with absolutely no bouncing. Plus no bunching or pinching. You should try it. Like the shoes.

  4. Cute shoes, no advice on the boobage though, I have the same problem!

  5. Just today, while doing an exercise dvd, I noticed my jiggly belly in a reflection. I HATE THAT! In my mind, my belly doesn't jiggle. In real life, it does. Too bad people can't see inside my head instead LOL

    I love how you make your writint comical by writing things and then crossing them out. LOL It makes for a good read.

    And your walking shoes are cute. I'm jealous!

  6. I have that bouncing problem too. I don't have any advice to give, but it looks like the women above me have offered some great advice. LOVE the shoes!

  7. Cute shoes....and the girls?
    Front-Loaders work well for me....
    Buxom Babe that I am!

  8. Sweet new shoes! As for the jiggle/bounce, I wear compression-type capris (Nike fits me best, but try several brands). The commenter who suggested an Under Armour shirt had a good idea - anything compression helps. Of course, I would wear a looser shirt over it as I can't stand to see all of my rolls and bulges, lol! I think the bra that I wear is the Moving Comfort Maia - that sucker is tight, but I don't bounce. Hope you can find something that works for sure makes exercise more bearable.

  9. I feel like I need a full body Spanx armor in order to control all the bounce when I run. I feel it all over, my back rolls, my belly, my thighs, and boobs.


  10. Ha...I'm wearing those exact shoes right now. They are comfy!


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