Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Survived!

Had a lovely evening!  Dinner was eggplant Parmesan and I split it with our friend Matt. I had a small salad to go with it but no bread in anticipation of the cookies. Nikki and her mom, Luana came over to help with the baking. Dave was not feeling well (cold/flu) so he stayed in bed. Whiner!

I survived the baking! I am so proud of myself! I was hesitant to even do it but Dave really wanted me to so I conceded but with my plan of allowing myself to have one 2 and a half cookies but not to "sample" proved to be a good idea. I didn't feel cheated and I stayed within my calories. Actually had a good deficit. Woohoo! Dave will be taking them to his brothers and sisters today and tomorrow so they will be gone.  I am going to make my mom a cranberry orange loaf and I will do that tomorrow night.

Today is the last day of work until Monday. We are having a Potluck here at work. In the past we went to a restuarant but with the economy they way it is, they decided to do this instead. The main course is beef brisket and turkey with sides, salads and other assorted treats.  I will do mostly salad and a little bit of brisket and a treat or two. Again, having a plan is the way to go for me. Takes some of the guesswork and also stress out of it.

Tonight I will most likely get together with Danielle. Seems like forever since we have hung out! I miss her! She does have a lot on her plate though so I fully understand plus part of it is my being a little anti-social.

Tomorrow I have a Dermatologist appt. I am hoping she comes up with an alternative treatment because it is no fun having to itch day and night plus the havoc it is having on my skin.  I do know I will not take Prednisone if they want to prescribe it. I have heard too many nightmare stories about it to even consider it. Until next time...


  1. Great job! It's so great that you knew what was coming and accounted for it! :)

  2. Having a true. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. I just wrote that somewhere else too! Good job on not deepending with cookies.

  3. Nice work getting through cookiemageddon!

  4. YAY! I'm so proud of you, Katie! Good luck at the Doctor tomorrow. *Hugs*


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