Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Solstice & Stuff

Today is the Winter Solstice. It is the shortest day of the year. Although seeing pictures on some of your blogs it looks like Winter has been around for awhile - lol! Just think, it is only 6 months away from my 45th birthday the Summer Solstice. It was also the Lunar Eclipse. I tried to stay up to watch it but I fell asleep.

Went to Trader Joe's at lunch and we got some Pecan Crusted Salmon and some broccoli for dinner.  We added some broccoli rice to the meal as well. It was super tasty and will definitely get it again.  God Bless Trader Joe's!

We also got some of their Sugar Cookie Mix. It comes with the mix, frosting, sprinkles and 3 cookie cutters for 99 cents! I prepared the cookie mix last night and will bake it tonight. Last night we made the Rice Crispy treats with M&Ms. I had one as planned and still managed a 1400 calorie day. When I prepared the sugar cookies, I did not even sample the dough. First time ever! Who am I?

I was feeling festive so I put on my Pink Santa hat while I did my prepping. I tried to do a self portrait and this is what I came up with. At least on the iPhone it has the reversable camera - I could never master taking them on my old phone(s) or in the mirror. I am still working on that one LOL!

I am going to have Nikki (she is 10) come over and help decorate cookies with me. I have to tell you a little story about her and her friend Helen. I had them over at our place on Saturday and I gave Nikki a pedicure. She was hanging out with Helen, who is 12 so I had them both come over. While I was working on Nikki's toes she made a comment that I did not have a bra on and Helen asked "Katie, how come your nippies aren't showing if you don' have a bra on?" I almost choked with laughter but contained myself and said "Well Helen, as we get older our boobs sag and mine are pointing down instead of out" Thanks for noticing Helen! On that note, hope you have a wonderful day! Until next time...


  1. Well with staying with the over share Katie lol My boobs have gotten so small they actually do face forward now lol. Sounds like you are having fun times. Made me think I should do something festive with Marie in the kitchen this week.

  2. I was explaining to my seven-year-old niece that now the days would get longer, and she said, "Oh no!" Then I had to explain that I meant the days would stay light longer. Geez, I wouldn't want longer days either.

    Aren't kids the greatest?

  3. :) I have the same TJ's cookie mix! :)

  4. Kids are freakin' priceless!!LMAO

    Pecan fish and whatever-whatever sounded awesome! I've never been to a TJ's before, there isn't one around here. BOO!:-(

  5. The girls going south, eh?
    It happens!

  6. Yummo!! I am going to have to look for that Pecan Crusted Salmon at TJ's!!

  7. This post made me smile a lot. Glad things are going well for you.


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