Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday Topics

Had a uneventful Monday. I did not have any lunch so that is why there is such a big deficit. I spent my lunch hour Christmas shopping (no mini-gym) and ran out of time to eat. Plus, I was feeling a little queasy so I just drank lots 'o water.  I had a La Paloma crab tostada for dinner. I just love them! I get it without the shell and sour cream so it cuts down on calories. My pedicure got rescheduled for tonight and I am bringing my little friend Nikki with me.  She is going to get a manicure. She is 10 years old and she totally reminds me of me when I was her age.

I was recently contacted by a gal named Emily representing Massage Therapy Schools. She said it would be a good fit to have my blog featured on their website. Well I was mortified when I went to view their website and they had one of our fellow bloggers listed who had passed away this summer. I replied and told her and her response was that others had told her the same thing and that their data was a few months old. Well Garrett passed in July so that is longer then a few months which I told her also. She said the links would be removed right away but as of today, mine is still listed. There are some other familiar names on the list as well so you may want to check the list.  That is the first negative I have experienced with my blog so I suppose I shouldn't take it too seriously but grrrrrr...

I have to share this blog: Catalog Living - A look into the exciting lives of the people who live in your catalogs featuring Gary and Elaine.  They are so witty and funny! Go check it out...

I do some marketing projects with General Mills and they gave me a coupon for Yoplait yogurt for me to share with you. Supplies are limited so you will want to use it as soon as possible.  Click here for details.

Hoping to do the mini-gym at lunch today. Dave will bring me lunch which has been helping with the budget. Even if I could do that just twice a week it would save like $20/week or $80/month. Every little bit helps right? Until next time...


  1. That sort of crap pulled by these spammers who unethically try to use innocent people to promote their items, ticks me right off! Good for you on calling them out Katie.

  2. I was on the same list.
    I saw the same thing.
    I wrote the same letter.
    Grrrr is right!

  3. I'm so glad for the link to Catalog Living. It is after midnight here, my hubby is sleeping a few feet from the computer and I've spent the past half hour trying hold in my laughter so I wouldn't wake him while reading the HILLARIOUS stuff there! LOL :)

  4. Those link spammers try to lure you in with their "Tops" list but that's all they are, is spam. I don't get who even goes to their site??? Any case, good on ya for sending them that email!


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