Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday and Messages

Happy Monday my lovlies! How was your weekend? Are you done Christmas shopping? Have you even started? LOL! I still have some gifts to get...

I had a really good weekend! I have been feeling a little lackluster as you can see from my post here and I was kinda dreading going to the Christmas party. Well it turned out to be quite a memorable night! I wish I had taken pictures! Here is a picture of the sweater I wore:

So I got to the party about 6:30 p.m. and from the moment I walked in, people were giving me the most wonderful compliments. I heard comments like:

"You are gorgeous!"
"You are stunning!"
"You look amazing!"
"You look glamorous!"
"You look great!"
"You're glowing!"
"You look fantastic!"
"You look so beautiful!"
"Wow you lost a lot of weight!" 
"I love your hair" <-- from a guy!!!

I was blown away! I decided to accept the compliments graciously and say thank you. I did well with food too. I had kept my calories low during the day in anticipation and then when I ate dinner I filled up 3/4 of my plate with salad.  I did drink 3 beers which went down very easily but I tried to drink a kamikaze and I couldn't. I think I am turning into a fuddy duddy!

Sunday was a pretty kick back day. I went shopping with my mom with intent of getting a bathrobe. We stopped at Avenue first and I ended up getting 4 new bras (pink, black, white and beige) a night shirt and a pair of chonies. Bras are so freaking expensive but I really needed them.  The last time I went bra shopping they only had a few colors.  I was looking for a particular style of robe and have had a little trouble finding one but I got one at Sears and I love it. It is 100% cotton and it is super soft. It only goes to below my knees which is just fine with me. If I get a full length robe they are too long and who wants to hem a robe? The rest of the day we just hung out and relaxed.

Hoping to go to the mini-gym with Dave at lunch and then I have a pedicure scheduled after work. I think I will do some red ;-) for the holidays. I would also like to get a french manicure with a glittery red polish at the tips. I have to see if she will have time. Anyways, hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I am off to read what you've been up to. Until next time...


  1. All I have left to do is my Christmas baking! I wrapped the last gifts over the weekend and the decorating is done so I'll just spend the next couple of weeks enjoying the season - just the way I like it!

  2. This post lifted my spirits, Katie! Really!

  3. That's a great sweater!! And congratulations on all the compliments! :)

  4. Beautiful sweater! How great to get all the esteem boosting comments - I'm sure you did look gorgeous:) And I'd like to say there's nothing wrong with fuddy duddies...I'm a card carry member of that club and we still have laugh-our-asses-off fun!

    What is a chonie?

  5. That is a beautiful sweater, and you have worked hard for those compliments and I'm glad that they were given!

    My christmas shopping is DONE! Finished yesterday with the husbands gift. Now we can sit back and enjoy the coming holidays.

  6. So fun to get all those compliments - really does make you feel like you've accomplished something, right? Gorgeous sweater, too. :)

    Chonies - that word cracks me up. Glad you got some new ones!

  7. I'm happy you had so much fun at the Christmas party- I'll bet you did look fabulous. It's hard to take compliments sometimes, and I personally think it's part of the emotional healing of the weight loss journey when you can accept positive feedback. Heaven knows we didn't used to give it to ourselves. That's as much progress as the weight loss itself!

    Katie, thanks so much for sharing your personal experience on my comments. I need to hear other people's experiences, because I just kind of jumped into this. I think it's a part of my emotional healing, too. That's all I can make of it anyway. I really appreciate your insight.

  8. Love the sweater! I'm sure you did look as amazing as everyone said. Sounds like you're getting some nice little treats for yourself. It's fun to get just what you want!

  9. loooove the sweater and Im not usually a fan of red (it's weird :) I just realized the other day that as a result my CHILD owns no red! must rectify...anyway I digress as usual :)!


  10. Beautiful sweater! I love the color!


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