Friday, February 18, 2011

Chocolate Sprinkles & Stuff

Happy Friday everybody! I can’t tell you how happy I am that it’s Friday AND it’s a 3 day weekend. Can’t beat that right? Nothing too exciting planned for the weekend except organizing our storage unit and getting in some exercise. It will be raining most of the weekend so maybe a movie will be added to the agenda.

I really enjoyed the play last night! So cute and who doesn’t like the story of Beauty and the Beast? I brought Nikki a single long stem rose and she loved it. I wanted to give her a pink one but they were all out. Only white and red after Valentine's day - grrrrrr.  As for dinner, I pretty much failed. I brought a cereal bar and string cheese with me and ate those early on. When we were done (8:00 p.m.) we went to Taco Bell and I had a chicken burrito.  Note to self: Need better planning next time. Needs to be healthy and sustainable.  I logged everything in my bugg and uploaded the data this morning. This is my new routine. If I forget, I can bring my Netbook with me and upload it at work or wherever I am.

As for the weigh in, I am up 3 lbs. from my last weigh in a few weeks ago. Loose portion control and lack of activity the last couple of weeks has added up. So dusting myself off, straightening up my act and I am on my way again. I will tell you though that that is the difference between now and my previous attempts at losing weight. Something like this would throw me into a box of brownies before but not anymore!

Now for the fun part of this post!!! One of my colleagues introduced me to a sweet young lady named Rachel from Thread Muse.  She makes lovely crocheted scarves. She sells them on Etsy which is a great place to shop for handmade items! She has provided this lovely scarf called "Chocolate Sprinkles" for me to Giveaway to one of my readers. All you need to do to enter the giveaway is to tell me in the what your favorite accessory is. I will announce the winner next Tuesday, February 22nd. If you are not the winner and interested in purchasing a scarf Rachel has authorized a 10% discount. Just use katiej for the coupon code when checking out. She also authorized Free shipping for US residents as well. Thanks Rachel!

Hope you have a great weekend! Until next time...


  1. What a beautiful scarf! I absolutely love scarves, however, I don't happen to have any that are warm and cozy. This one looks like it would be perfect for me. If I'm not the winner, I will definitely be checking out Rachel's items on Etsy; they have great stuff!

    My favorite accessory is earrings. My look is not complete without them!

  2. God job bouncing back from the 3 lb gain. It's all about attitude and commitment - you've got it! Cheers, Rick

  3. Hey Katie, here's the most important thing I have read today - I will tell you though that that is the difference between now and my previous attempts at losing weight. Something like this would throw me into a box of brownies before but not anymore!

    Yahooooo! Do not let a slip end up being a day, a week, a month of eating like crazy.

    Cute scarf. I think my favourite accessory is jewellery - specifically necklaces.

  4. I love Beauty and the Beast! Glad you got to see it!

    My favorite accessory is my weight loss dog tags. I had them made (they were $6 for two). They remind me to stay in track.

  5. Glad you enjoyed the play. I'm proud of you for acknowleding it and moving past it. It's the way to success!!
    That scarf is beautiful and I looove Etsy to shop for friends gifts!!!

    My favorite accessory is chunky necklaces or layered necklaces.

    PS.. I received the bio oil today...I will try it out on the little man's face tonight!!! THANK YOU!

  6. That is one GORGEOUS scarf!!! Etsy is the BEST!!! Have a great weekend.

  7. That's a gorgeous scarf!

    My favorite accessory is my Vera Bradley "Let's Do Lunch" lunch containers. I have way.too.many. LOL

  8. My favorite accessories are earrings and scarfs

  9. Beautiful scarf!!!! My favorite accessory is earrings...I try not to ever leave the house without them...I love it when there's whole coordination with the earrings, necklace, bracelet...but that's not always possible (well, if you are on a budget like me, anyway!).

    Enjoy your three day weekend (sooooo jealous!!!).

    Thanks for the tip on Rachel's scarves...will definitely check it out!

  10. That scarf is beautiful!!! I don't accessorize much - I am too low maintenance!

  11. I am terrible with accessories... It's a good day when I put on both my rings AND earrings. I love scarves, but never buy them. I think I need to be more organized and have all my accessories ready to go. One reason why I just literally cleaned out HALF my closet. If I have a small collection of clothes that I really like and will wear maybe I'll actually throw some jewelry on too!

    The scarf is gorgeous... :)

  12. Love, love, love the scarf! My favorite accesories are the ones that don't look like you are trying to accesorize. My accessory recipe: simple silver hoop earrings, a necklace that I wear every day and never take it off until the day I get a new one - always simple - at the moment it is the virgin Mary on a silver pendant that my daughter gave me and a silver chain, and a grouping of bracelets which at the momment consists of a brown plastic band with pink writing for my neice who we lost last March(like the livestrong bracelets) a friendship bracelet in pink and brown from my son's girlfriend, a beaded bracelet my sister gave me and a cheap woven bracelet from walmart because I liked it. Hmmm, never realized it but most of my accessorizing is based on people I love or symbolic in some way.

    A new scarf would be great to symbolize the new me...thanks for sharing - good luck to all!


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