Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dancing and Drama

Had a good night last night. Dave made Chicken enchiladas from leftover chicken. The meal was mere pennies because I got the chicken from Costco. We had a Salsa salad to go with it. Super yummy! After dinner I decided to pop in the Just Dance 2 Wii game to check it out. You can set up programs to follow and I chose the "easy" one since I am a beginner.  It definitely gets your heart rate going and it was fun. On the first song, I was able to follow along pretty closely (It's Raining Men) but then the next song (Tik Tok) was harder but I still did okay. It looks like it is going to be a lot of fun especially when we can compete against each other. I will give you a more formal review when I have delved into it a little deeper.

Tonight, I am going to see a production of Beauty and the Beast. Nikki (neighbor) is in the play and I am looking forward to seeing it.  It is right after work so I will just go directly there and meet up with her folks. Not sure how I will fit dinner in. Might need to pack a snack to keep my blood sugar stable. Speaking of, I am due to get blood work done so I am going to go tomorrow morning at o'dark hundred.  The results are usually posted online within 24 hours so I am anxious to see the new numbers.

I am going to weigh come hell or high water tomorrow and I also will be announcing another Giveaway! I am excited as I am getting the items today!

P.S. I have my bodybugg on and will upload it tonight before bed <---- new routine


  1. The Just Dance sounds fun. I just bought Zumba for the Playstation 3. I'm looking forward to following it (or trying to follow it). Ohhh, another giveway...exciting.

  2. I love the wii for exercise. I've been thinking of getting the Just Dance 2 game. I'm not that coordinated so I'm sure it will be hysterical to watch me try - but it does sound fun.

  3. I really want that Wii game! It sounds like so much fun!

  4. There's nothing like a local production theatre. Beauty & The Beast would be awesome. Enjoy! Cheers, Rick


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