Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Random Ramblings

How are you all doing today? I am doing pretty good. I thought it was Thursday when I woke up this morning. Does that ever happen to you? A bit disorienting to say the least. My weigh in will be on Friday no matter what. I think I may be up a few pounds but will lock it in regardless.

White at Night
 I was doing some organizing and purging last night and I walked around the building and saw this beautiful flower that had bloomed. It is a white camellia. Usually they come in pink so it was cool to see it with white blooms. They are known to bloom in late winter/early spring. I have added this photo to my Walk-It 52 page as well.
Speaking of flowers... Over the weekend I went to a garage sale and got myself this sparkly vase for $1 and then bought some carnations at Costco to put in it. I love having flowers in the house and don't necessarily want to wait for someone to buy them for me. Our local farmer's market has some of the best flowers ever!

This is a picture of my dream wedding location as if I will ever get married! It is the Chapel on the grounds of the Grand Wailea hotel in Maui, Hawaii. My friend Sonny is there on business this week and he took this picture for me since he knows I love it.  Pictures just don't do it real justice. Each wall contains an elaborate stained glass window. It is stunning to see with the sun shining through.  Simply amazing! The price for a room there is $369 per night. I have only visited the property but never stayed there. My folks stayed there in the past though and took me there to show me how spectacular it is!

Is it just me or are people getting more reckless with their driving. Seems like now more then ever I am seeing people texting and talking on their phones and speeding while doing so. In fact, just this morning I was going down a residential street on my way to work (7:35 a.m) and it is 25 miles per hour. This woman was on my arse until I lightly tapped the brakes and then she was all sorts of angry with me. All I did was flash a two then a five with my hand and then waved. She was flipping me off and all. Good morning to you too you biotch! LOL!


  1. People on phones while driving is one of my BIGGEST fears. I just can't get over how people are still doing it in spite of campaigns to show what can happen to you and others while texting/talking and driving. We almost got hit the other day by a lady on the phone. She would've struck my baby-baby's side of the car. I told my husband that, had she hit us, he would have seen me get out and kick the shit out of her for her carelessness.

  2. Wowee, that chapel is gorgeous! And I must say your friend is a great photographer, lol! That picture could be used on their website!
    I HATE people that drive while on their phones. I can always tell if the person in front of me is on the phone, and I get IRATE. I have 3 kids in the car with me, so I'm always nervous driving around as it is. What can't wait until you stop your car, you know?? Pull over if that conversation is so freakin' important!

  3. I've seen people texting while driving on the freeway - makes me so mad! There are a lot of idiots on the road.

    That wedding chapel looks so gorgeous. Heck, I'd skip the wedding and just go for the vacation! :)

  4. Love that wedding chapel. So pretty. Talking on cell phone illegal in this state unless you are hands-free. Still hasn't stopped them! They're the ones who never stop for me and my little dog when we are in a crosswalk. Dangerous idiots.

  5. Oh that wedding site is GORG. I have never been to HI, would love to go...bummer.

    Polar's Mom

  6. I just saw the chapel this past summer. I loove Maui

    I don't even talk on my cell since having devin while driving

  7. As far as confusing days, I've decided I need 2 Saturdays each weekend! LOL! Around here it's the people who walk in the street that drive me crazy. They have no fear/respect for cars. I teach my children to look well and get across as quickly as they can rather than just saunter as a car is bearing down... I don't get it!

  8. Oh, what a gorgeous place. I want to go there...NOW. I must say, Katie, I get irritated as well with people hurtling towards me carelessly behind 2000 lbs of steel with no disregard for my safety. Why are some of us in a hurry to get nowhere?

  9. I agree with you about the reckless driving. Some dipwad passed me going around a corner in our neighborhood last night. The spped limit is 30 and apparently he needed to be whereever he was going RIGHT NOW. Never mind it's 530, twilight, RAINING and their kids all over the place. Passed me while turning onto another street. I was like WTH?!!? People suck.


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