Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Calories and Court

Had another good day yesterday. As planned, we had Asian Chicken Salads from Togo's. Tasty and filling for sure. I had to laugh because when I went to look up the nutrition info they have it listed with the salad separate from the dressing. I don't usually eat salad without dressing!?! Do you? So salad was 200 cals. and dressing was 380 cals. Did some crunches but that was it for activity.

Some of my long time readers may remember the nightmare living situation we were in last summer.  If not, I will summarize it for my newer readers. We lived in an apt. complex that is run by a slumlord and we had to deal with bedbugs and frequent police visits in addition to a commode that did not work properly. I moved in on Nov. 2009 and we moved out the end of June 2010. It was a chaotic time in my little world as I had also just found out about my biological family.

Well, I have decided to finally sue him to help recoup some of our costs and also to get our deposit back. I found this great website called Turbo Court that has all the forms you need to file a case. In our case it is Small Claims but they have forms for all types of legal situations such as Family, Divorce, Custody, Domestic Violence etc. It is geographically specific for your state/county. It was easy to navigate and you can save your form if you need to stop at any time.  Hopefully none of you need this kind of site anytime soon but it is good to know it is available.

Tonight I most likely will get getting together with my mom. It has been two weeks since our last visit. She gets very antsy if I don't see her weekly but I just haven't had the gumption or energy to go there lately.  We will more then likely go to the Fish Market. I have been having their sushi and sashimi as my entree and it works out well so I will most likely do that. Until next time...


  1. I have been known to eat salad without dressing, yes! Can't stand those fat-free things so often just squirt on a little lemon juice and sprinkle on some artificial sweetener and that's my dressing, or use 2 T of sugar-free salsa. But bare is good too!

  2. Go get 'em, Katie! After what you suffered in that hellhole, you should be compensated. I hope you win. And win big.

  3. Salad dressings are crazy stupid on calories. I've finally found a low-cal one I can stand, balsamic vinagrette.
    And good for you! I hope you win, landlords keep deposits all the time for unjustifiable reasons.

  4. Ugh to dressing. My hubs and I were discussing how places like "Salad Works" has a good IDEA for healthy foods, but then they lose it all on the dressing. We don't go there they never added more, lighter-healthier dressing options. And...yea...I really don't like salad without some kind of juice in it. LOL

    Go get that slumlord! Best of luck!

    ~Chubby McGee

  5. What program do you use to track your calories and what you burn, I always see the screen shot and always forget to ask you!

  6. They sneak in the salad dressing separately so you *think* you're eating something that is low-calorie...I hate that restaurants do that! I almost always order dressing on the side because of that. Ridiculous that the dressing was almost twice the calories of the salad!

  7. Good for you Katie - I hope that everything works out with Court. No one should be subjected to that kind of living situation!
    I can't imagine eating salads without dressing, though sometimes I reckon the dressing is the best part. Balsalmic dressing is lovely, I must admit.

  8. Good luck with your court case, a few years ago we took our (former) landlord to court because we moved out after 10 days because of cockroaches...and we won!!! I felt like a defender of the undefended :)

    Ok...I admit it. I never, ever eat salad dressing. I might sometimes will have fresh squeezed lemon juice and a drizzle of olive oil...but never "real" dressing, not even homemade. It's insane the dressing is almost twice as many calories as the salad!!!!

    P.S. It's so nice to see you posting regularly again :) I missed you.

  9. The only salad dressing I like is Olive Garden's. I get it on the side and just use a tiny bit. Otherwise, I use cottage cheese as a salad dressing!

    Best wishes on the court case. I hope it works out for you!


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