Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

Boy was yesterday a funky day! Glad that is over with!!! Since I was still belly aching from the cookie dough I did not eat much and hence the big deficit. Dinner was Tilapia with spinach and red potatoes. Tilapia is not one of my favorites but it was on sale and it can be "doctored" up to taste okay. I used some Poppyseed dressing and spices and it turned out good.

Dave and I discussed that we can no longer have "treats" in the evenings. If we would like to have something then it will be fresh fruits, smoothies or something else that has some nutritive value and is within my caloric budget. I need to get over the fact that there are just some foods that "trigger" me and that I need to avoid having them available in the house.

After dinner we decided to go on a ride/walk. Dave walks and I ride my bike.  I ride ahead and then circle back and forth again. It works for us and it was SO NICE to get out in the fresh air. It has been raining non-stop here so I want to get out when I can. We ended up doing just about a mile. I am so glad that it is lighter later and that it is warming up.  In fact, it supposed to be 80 degrees on Thursday! I think Spring has finally arrived!

Tonight's plan is to walk/ride a mile or so after dinner. We are going to have Asian Chicken Salad for dinner from Togo's since we have a 1/2 off coupon. I happened to look at the scale and the bloat is going down so I am hopeful that it will go down some more before "weigh day." Until next time...


  1. I'm very happy about this sunshine and spring too! Thankfully we will have some sunshine to ride bikes and do our walks and eat our half-off Togos Asian salad (sounds pretty good right about now).

  2. It was actually nice here in Sac yesterday and Wonderful today. I am going to get out and enjoy it while its good. Its nice to see that you are still at it and going strong, I feel you on the not eating "treats" at night. We have committed ourselves to this once again, this time feels different tho. I cannot wait to get out and get riding again, but for now its walking. Have a great day and enjoy this sunshine!

  3. Glad you are getting outside after dinner (and have the decent weather to do so!) - that always helped keep me off the nighttime snacking. Hmmm, I should start doing that again! ;)

  4. I am so glad that we're finally seeing the sun again. I usually like the rain, but this year we've had SO MUCH of it that I'm just sick of it. I went outside yesterday too, and it felt so nice, even if it was windy and chilly.

    I can't wait for those higher temps later this week!!


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