Thursday, May 26, 2011


Thank you for all the wonderful comments on yesterday's post Your encouragement and kudos really mean a lot and I can't thank you enough!!

The lovely and charming Sarah from On my Weigh to Happiness gave me the Adorable Blog Award. Thank you Miss Sarah! Sarah is a WL warrior! She has lost 92 lbs. since her WLS plus she has the cutest little boy named Gage! If you have never visited Sarah, please go check her out!

The rules for the blog award are as follows:
  • Thank the blogger that gave it to you
  • Post 10 things you don't know about me (getting really hard to come up with these!)
  • Pass it on...
  1. I have double jointed fingers but not thumbs
  2. I don't like jelly beans or jelly candies. I just think they are awful! Ewww...
  3. I don't like licorice of any kind
  4. I prefer Strawberry milk over Chocolate if I am flavoring my milk
  5. I have very flexible toes and can pick things up with my toes easily
  6. I have never been to a movie by myself
  7. I have never made fried chicken and most likely, I never will
  8. Consider myself to be physically strong (there is muscle under there!)
  9. I have nice penmanship. I often get compliments on it
  10. I have a fetish for flip flops. I have about 25 pairs of them!
Now to pass it on to others:

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Most likely I will go to my mom's after work. I need to do a few things for her. Until next time...


  1. Thank you Katie. Some of the things on your list are quite funny!

  2. Thanks Katie!!! And speaking of flip flops, see my blog tomorrow - wonder if you have that pair?


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