Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Madness

Hope you all had a nice weekend! I had a pretty good one. Did well with food but was not super active like I wanted.  I peeked at the scale and it is moving down to where I was at my lowest so I am going to keep doing what I am doing. Last week was pretty busy but I am planning on 3 visits to the gym this week and strength training and other activities in between.

Dave and I are in another spiff and I am getting sick of it. I try not to share too much here about our relationship but he is pushing me to make some drastic changes in our situation. The good news is I could handle all the expenses by myself. It would be tight but at this point, I think I might be happier without him. I do love him and he loves me but there is an elephant in the room and neither one of us is willing to go talk about it. Lord knows I have made some changes in the last two years... it would be an adjustment for sure...

I picked up the Avalon yesterday. It is still bittersweet to be driving it. I love it and really enjoy driving it but knowing my mom can't drive anymore is hard too. She is a tough cookie though and will adjust. Between neighbors, friends, relatives and Outreach, I think she will be okay. It is going to require more time on my part but I have decided that I just need to buck up and take care of business. It is challenging but all worth it. Sorry to be negative on a Monday but I am just trying to keep it real. Until next time...

P.S. Jack ran my W.I.D.T.H pictures on Saturday


  1. {hugs} we all have elephants.

  2. I hope you find a way to talk about the elephant. And whether you stay or move on, I hope the Fount of Wisdom leads you to the right decision for your well-being and joy.

    Here's to a great week for all us fatfighters (and elephant hunters).

  3. Hugs to you and wishing you the strength and peace of mind to do what's right for YOU.

  4. Remember to put yourself first Katie!!!
    follow your heart!

  5. Ditch him if you think you'll be happier without him. You're probably right. But, hell, what do I know. I love being single.

  6. It's hard to make a big change; hope you can figure out if now is the time. Peace to you.

  7. Lady, that is rough. But it's better to be proactive than complacent. Keep your head up!


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