Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fingers and Woes

Had a decent night last night. I did not have my "discussion" with Dave because he is having surgery today (right now actually!) on his trigger finger and I did not want to blow his gig the night before his surgery. I did let him know that we WILL be talking about it but I gave him a little reprieve. I wimped out for dinner and had a lean cuisine which was actually pretty tasty. It had been a long time since I had one. It was the chicken artichoke panini.  I used to eat them more often but now just have them as back up.

I have to pick up Dave when he gets out of recovery. I was hoping to get to the gym after work tonight. I have teryaki salmon planned for dinner.  Last night I used the medicine ball and did 100 reps of arm exercises. I highly recommend getting one because you can use it anywhere and it really does strengthen your arm muscles with regular use. I got mine at Big 5 but you can find them almost anywhere.

If I get to the gym, I want to do some cardio and I would also like to check out the pool. I need to get over the fear of being in public in a swimsuit. My reservations are two-fold: One is being overweight and the other one is my NLD. I just need to keep telling myself that no one cares. I am there to get healthy and the heck with them if they stare, right? Right! Until next time...


  1. Hope Dave heals quickly!

    Kudos on working on getting over public bathing suits. I am SOOOOOOOOO far away from desiring to even TRY that. My knees just started knockin' thinking about it! OMG!!!!!

  2. Interestingly, I'm at a size now where I don't mind the shape of my body as much, so I'd wear a bathing suit. Problem is that I have very saggy, crinkly, loose inner upper thigh skin (and it's saggy in the torso/boobies/upper arms, but hey, a bathing suit really focuses on those thighs.

    I'd have to wear a swim dress or a triathlon type bodysuit that's like a tank and shorts combined. No way the public will see my elephant crinkle inner thighs. My upper arms are enough of a saggy sight. ; )

    But I do intend to swim again. I'll find a way this summer!

  3. Oh, this is kinda what i mean:

  4. Great idea on the medicine ball - I think that store is like our Below 5, where nothing is over $5?

    You are in control of your own life Katie, and you have to do what makes you happy! I hope you find the strength to stand up for yourself! I am here if you need to talk off line - just email me at mybizzykitchen@gmail.com.


  5. One thing to remember about swimming is that once you're in the water, the flabby bits are hidden...which is why I get in pretty quick, even though the water is not always warm, lol!


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