Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gym Dandy!

Yesterday turned out to be a good day after all! I actually went to the gym and survived! What a concept! Actually it turned out to be a great visit. This is a new location that just opened up a few weeks ago. Upon arrival, I was greeted by one of the most friendliest staff members I have ever met, Jeff Jones. I told Jeff that I had never been to this location so he gave me an overview of where everything is located.  This is a Super Sport so they have a pool and basketball courts etc. He himself is a weight loss warrior, losing 140 lbs. so he said he will be my biggest fan! Next time I see him, I will mention my blog to him.

I did 30 minutes on the treadmill. I did mildly attempt the C25K but without a sport bra on it was pretty doomed to begin with. I also did not have earphones so it was kind of a bummer but I watched the t.v. and people around me.  After I did the treadmill, I did one minute on the elliptical and a few minutes on the rowing machine. This is me afterwards. Tomato head!

I colored my hair over the weekend but no one has said anything. It  is fairly close to my usual color but it is a bit darker. I suppose I should take that as a good sign.  My plan of action is to go to the gym on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. In the in between I can do DVDs, Wii or Resistance training at home or ride my bike and/or walk. 

Tonight, I am on my own so I will most likely Wii and read until American Idol comes on. Go Lauren and James! Until next time...


  1. Way to go Katie!!! Would you kindly go over to my blog and "refollow" me. I had to recreate my blog it said it didn't exist grrr

  2. So happy you found not only a good gym, but someone to personally support you there! And that picture of you? BEAUTIFUL.

  3. Woohoo!! Don't you love that feeling after you go to the gym?? I make excuses but once I'm finished I'm so happy!

    Love the hair :) I'm also loving my fitbit..but not the food tracker..I think it's hard to find certain items. I'm hoping to get the hang of that part with time.

  4. Great job for keeping at it on the treadmill even though you were uncomfortable! You didn't just skip it or only stay on for a little bit, which is GREAT!! YAY YOU!!!

  5. Sounds like you are loving your Kindle. I just finished The Hunger Games. Loved it.

    Good for your cute little tomatoe head! Sounds like a nice gym. 140 lbs! Jeff sounds like a winner


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