Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Baby!

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future - Steve Miller Band

Does that song date me? LOL!  
Happy June to you! Another new month, a clean slate, an opportunity to make a change.  Regardless of how we feel or think, time will go by and why not create some new habits or get rid of old ones. You don't have to take everything on at once. The key for me has been to just keep trying to move forward, even if I took 3 steps back yesterday, I just keep pushing through. Persistence pays off! 

My goals for this month are to increase my water consumption and to add more activities. I would like to take a Cardio Kickboxing Class, HipHop Dance and AquaFitness. The only one I have tried is the Aquafitness but it has been YEARS since I did it so I want to try again. I want to do these classes BEFORE the 21st. I am going to be involved in a Summer Challenge which I will elaborate on tomorrow.

Hoping we all have a kick ass June!!! Until next time...


  1. I love June, not just because it is my birthday month but because it is warm outside, and it just seems so motivating. Try drinking your water from a 1 litre bottle with a straw, I drink 6 a day when I drink like that, when I dont I can't seem to even drink three.

  2. I love June too :) It's my favourite of the summer months. Looking forward to hearing all about YOU this month.

  3. Join me in the pool! I hope you do get to try the aqua fitness - they have dumb bells and everything! Also the cardio kickboxing intrigues me. Of course I discovered that I liked punching the bag so that's probably why. Enjoy trying new things out - can't wait to hear about your challenge!

  4. :D Kickboxing! :o You go, girl! Deb

  5. I love June too. All the promise of a great summer just starting. I'm going for an increase of water too. For a hot summer, it's really necessary!

  6. Happy June! I hope you love cardio kickboxing as much as I do. I love getting my ass kicked. Enjoy!


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