Monday, August 22, 2011

Slimmer this Summer Week 11

Hello ladies and gents! How was your weekend? Mine was good...

So we are coming up on the last week of the Slimmer This Summer Challenge. I have not made much headway with my weight but I do plan on doing measurements and pictures to compare from the beginning of the summer. I feel like there have been changes in my body so we shall see.

Weight: I stayed the same. 248 - Looks like I am stuck here...
Water Consumption: I actually did pretty good with water this week.
Activities: I did not try a new class. I did not get 10K per day

Well leave it to me to wait until the last freaking minute to complete something. I will be going to a new class this week come hell or high water. I will look at the schedule today and pick something out. I am leaning towards an Aqua fitness class but I will see what is available.

I mentioned last week that my bro and his family were here visiting. I saw them on Saturday and Sunday for brunch/lunch.  They brought their dogs with them and they were very fun and entertaining.

This is Roxie (she is a lover)

Spike Sunning after a swim
Goodness gracious it was hard to get a good pic of them. I imagine it is like getting kids to sit still and smile. We went shopping on Sunday and I got myself a treat but I will tell you more about it tomorrow. Until next time...


  1. Katie, do it today. Seriuosly, I tried for years and years and years to get into exercise mode, and it was too easy to put off. DO IT TODAY. It doesn't matter what. Just commit to do it before the gym, a walk, a DVD, anything. TODAY. :)

    Then you do that several times a week. heh.

  2. CUTE pups! Tucker is sitting here wishing they would come play with him! Can't wait to hear/see all about your surprise!

  3. I've done an aqua class and it was a lot of fun - and you definitely feel the workout because of the water resistance.

    Happy Monday!

  4. I am excited to find out if my local pool offers an aquatic exercise class! Thanks for the idea...I am a new follower and loving your blog!

  5. Awww, what cute doggies! That must have been fun to get to play with them. Oh and see your brother, too. ;)

  6. i want one of those pooches! how sweet!
    At least you are hitting some of your goals. I however have hit none.

    I went to an aqua fit class once. I really enjoyed it. Cant remember why I never went back...

  7. Cute dogs! Aqua fit sounds fun! If you want a new challenge after STS ends, come and check out this one:


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