Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Treats and Eats

I had a great day yesterday. After work, I decided to ride my bike to do some errands. Nikki went with me and we went to Radio Shack and Office Max. I went in to buy a Universal remote control as the one in the front room randomly stopped working. Well... I ended up buying a 32" LCD Flat Screen TV.

I had been researching them and they had one for a really good price so I bit the bullet and bought it. We continued our shopping and then went home and I got my car so we could pick it up. I enlisted Nikki's brother Joe to help me hook it up and he did it. For his efforts, I took him and Nikki to McD's to get something and he said that I was the coolest "older person" he has ever met. He is 14 and meant it in the kindest way but I teased him saying I wasn't sure if that was a compliment or not. :-)

On Sunday night, I made some fabulous Banana bread with Flaxseed. They came out very moist and they were quite filling. Making them was a little labor intensive because you have to soak the oats first but other then that they were easy. They have 5 grams of protein 150 cals per serving. You can find the recipe here.

I treated myself to my 70 lb. goal treat over the weekend. I am close and since we were at Santana Row and they have a Vera Bradley store, I decided to get one a few pounds in advance. It is called a Hipster and the pattern is called Baroque.
It is a little smaller then what I am used to but I am trying to pare down on everything that I carry with me so this will help. Until next time...


  1. I loooove the bag. Covet it (but I'd want teal or red or turquoise as the accent to suit my wardrobe). Nice!

    I will say that you should put it in a place where you'll SEE IT..but you can't USE IT until you hit the goal weight. Come on, no cheating. Let it motivate you! :)

  2. Ooooh, I like Princess' idea! Put it right where you can see it but don't allow yourself to have it until you hit that 70 mark.

  3. Cute purse!! And I agree as well, set it up until you get there! it wont be long! Way to go on the biking!!

  4. OK, so it's agreed - you can't use the purse just yet. Don't you love us? ;)

    Cute pattern. I go through Vera Bradley phases - I think I have two backpack purses and two regular purses. I do not need any more (is what I keep telling myself!).

    Cool beans on the new tv, and your installer - lol, what would we do without teenagers?!?

  5. oooh love the hipstre too.

    and so will you :)



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