Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Putting it Away

Yesterday I showed you the new handbag that I got for my 70 lb. goal which I have NOT achieved yet. Well, some of you said that I should wait until I achieve the goal before I use it. I already switched over but in honor of your requests, I am going to switch back to the old one tonight and wait until I actually DO achieve the goal to start using. Fair enough?

Last night I was tired and did not feel like cooking so my friend and I walked over to a Pho restaurant that is close to my apt. They have just about every dish you could imagine on their menu. The food is tasty and the prices are very reasonable so it is a win-win. They also have smoothies that have the pearls in the bottom. Have you ever tried one of those? I have seen them for years but never brave enough to try it so I did the last time I was there. The pearls are made from gelatin. Did you know that gelatin is good for you? Here are some of the health benefits:
  • Gelatin appears to be beneficial to athletes for muscle growth and metabolism.
  • Gelatin promotes a feeling of fullness.
  • Gelatin helps maintain regularity
  • Gelatin's high collagen protein content helps keep your skin smooth and firm. Many creams contain collagen to moisturize the skin but it is more effective when taken through food.
  • Gelatin strengthens the hair, keeping it looking shiny and healthy.
  • Gelatin is also excellent for the nails because it makes them stronger, so they do not break easily.
  • Gelatin is excellent for your bones because of its high concentration of glycoprotein and proline amino acids. If you have a deficiency in both amino acids, you can have joint pain. When it is taken orally, it travels directly to your blood and from there; it goes to its destination, the connective tissue. By adding at least 10 grams of gelatin to your regular diet, your joints will quickly regenerate in case you overexert yourself.
I had heard that it was good for you but I did not realize that it had so many benefits. I am not a huge fan of jello but with all those benefits, I might have to learn to like it - lol! Until next time...


  1. I had no idea about gelatin! Very interesting indeed!

  2. Good on ya for putting up the bag! You will be using it in no time. :)

    I wonder if that smoothie is like "bubble tea" I saw advertised at a fro yo shop in Frisco over the weekend - it had tiny balls of something in the bottom, and I guess you drink it with an extra-wide straw? Obv. I didn't try it - hey, there was fro yo to be had!

  3. Lots of healing diets use bone broth or gelatin (and they have the same main, root, feeder source--bone/bone marrow).

    I LIKED YOUR PURSE SO MUCH, I gave myself a Vera Bradley (not that pattern) as a motivator. I need to get the heck out of the 180s, been here too long, so I ordered a Saddle Up and a Tote in the Versailles pattern (I had a hard time picking, so many gorgeous patterns, took me TWO HOURS). hahaha I won't use them until I'm under 180. :)

    Let's enjoy our purses together very soon.

  4. I'm proud of you for putting it up and waiting until you've earned it. I really do believe it will mean so much more to you then!

  5. I had no idea the pearls were gelatin. I assumed they were tapioca. (actually, I don't even know what tapioca is either...) :)
    Love the purse, so happy you are close to using it!!!

  6. You can do it. I'm glad you put it away. If rewarding yourself is motivating then you need to wait. For me, rewards do nothing. :) Glad you have something to look forward to.

  7. I am with Roz, I thought they were tapioca too!

    Have a great day Katie!

  8. I love those pearl smoothies! Used to get them whenever I went to Chinatown back in Chicago :]


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