Friday, September 9, 2011

Malware &#$@

I am working on getting my blog back online. According to Google, it was not infected with the malware in the last 90 days. I have already lost like 6 followers so I am trying to work on it as fast as I can. What a bummer! I tell you right now, once it is stable, I am going to back it up. I have poured my blood, sweat and lots of tears into that blog and it breaks my heart to think that it could be lost.

At least it's Friday, right?


  1. I got a comment saying my blog has/had a malware too. So last night I ran Avast and Spy bot, I didn't have anything, zero threats. So I am completely confused...?? If you figure it out, please share!!

  2. Once your site is reported by someone as having malware, you usually have to contact Google and let them know that it is straightened out.

    Definitely change your passwords to include a capital letter, and a couple numbers. No words that are recognizeable. It stops the hackers from breaking your password.

  3. Hang in there Katie - yep, happy Friday!!!

  4. Grrr...hang in there Katie. See you when you are back.

  5. How frustrating that must be! I tried to read your blog and my computer wouldn't let me (just now) but then I tried again and it did.


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