Thursday, September 8, 2011

On the Edge

Well I am glad there was a deficit but definitely not where I wanted to be. Boy oh boy is this a slippery slope. Once I opened the floodgate to overeating, it is hard to get it shut and locked again! Oy! It happens the most at night so I need to be more balanced during the day with my caloric intake. I need to eat more frequently and not hold out then chow down like there's no tomorrow. Blerghhh... but alas today is a new day. That is what is different with this attempt vs. all my other attempts at weight loss. Instead of wallowing, I try to get back to it the next day.

I checked with my mom's insurance and the Home Instead is not something that is covered. BIG bummer! I am going to call her doctor today and let her know. I may have to have her admitted to the hospital to get her stablized with her meds and food. It would not be the first time but it is heartbreaking nonetheless. She wants to be independent and I want her to too BUT if she can't handle the basics then we have to come up with another plan. I am going to have dinner with her tonight and we'll probably go the the Fish Market. 

I am trying hard to keep my chin up...


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