Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stick it in Your Ear

I wanted to tell you what happened to me the other day in hopes I can save it from happening to you. First of all, I am addicted to using Q-Tips. I thought it was an oddity but if you Google it, I am obviously not the only one. Most days I just use them once but there are occasions I will use them in the morning AND at night.

We recently ran out and Dave decided to buy some bargain brand and I was hesitant to use them but in a pinch, I needed something so I decided to use one. Well, apparently, I am rough on Q-tips because with the "bargain" swab, the cotton head came off IN MY EAR. I was freaking out!! What do I do? Should I call a neighbor? Can I get it out myself? What if it stuck? Well I took a deep breath, grabbed a pair of tweezers and fished the cotton out of my ear. Fortunately, I got it all out in one try but I was so worried it was too deep to get it all. Whew! Lesson learned, I will NOT use bargain brand swabs ever again!!!

Holding steady on the scale. I still need to pick a weekly weigh day. Now that things are settling down with my mom's situation, I can start focusing on my WL again. I had some blood work down last week when I went to the doctor and all my numbers were in range except for my cholesterol. There was a problem with the medication I was taking so I stopped taking it a few months ago. Well, now I am on another med to get that number in check. I am still wearing the soft cast until Nov. 17th so I can focus on other areas then my arms until then. Until next time...


  1. OK...I admit, I stick Q tips in my ear sometimes too. I KNOW you're not supposed to...but I do. Note to self: stick with the name brand! :) Have a great day Katie.

  2. That happened to my wife a few weeks ago...she kinda freaked out but I was able to play doctor and fished it out.

    Q-Tips rule!!! I got the same addiction.

  3. MIzz Katie-J, I'm just popping by to say hello! =) I hope you are BLESSED and doing oh so well! Keep those q-tips coming.. or going... or... idk. I can't stand it when my ears get clogged with itchiness. q-tips, here I come. =)

  4. Interesting...I wasn't aware of a Q-tip addiction, but totally can see it. I was into them for awhile, but had some issues and had to lay off on the ear cleaning a bit since it tends to impact more gunk than it gets out...oh well, glad you rescued yourself!

  5. oooh Im guilty of that addiction too.



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