Friday, December 16, 2011

Katie and Karaoke

Had a great day yesterday. I got off of work and went to get my haircut as planned.  I have determined that it is hard to take self portraits of hair-dos, especially since when mine is short. Luc, my hairdresser, commented on the thickness and lushness of my hair. I told him that I was taking Biotin and using the Redken Intraforce products and he said he totally noticed the difference! When I was checking out, the receptionist, Adam, said I had a cute, tiny face. I could have kissed him! Tiny is not an adjective that gets used when describing anything about me but I was very flattered.

After dinner, I met up with Danielle at La Paloma. It was her birthday on Wednesday We both had our usual and we had a nice visit. Neither one of us had a cocktail which is unusual. They have the bomb mango margaritas...

Once upon a time, I used to do Karaoke every weekend. I think its been at least 2 years since I have gone and done it. It was a lot of fun and I was actually pretty good at it based on the feedback that I would get from the audience. On more then one occasion, someone has said that they thought they were listening to the jukebox, not me singing. Quite a compliment huh!  I like to sing Alanis Morrisette, Bonnie Raitt, Natalie Merchant and Natalie Imbruglia just to name a few. Well on Friday and Saturday nights, Blinky's has Karaoke and Danielle is working so I told her that I would come down tonight and sing a song or two. I am rusty but I am sure it will come back to me.

Tomorrow I am going shopping with my mom for my Christmas gift. I have a holiday luncheon for work next week and she is going to buy my blouse/sweater for that.  It is kind of a tradition. I also have a banquet that I attend in June and so she buys my blouse for that occasion as well since my birthday is in June. Otherwise, getting organized and exercising are on the agenda for the rest of the weekend. Until next time...


  1. Hey hey...look who is heading out to claim her life sing girl!

  2. You look so fresh-faced and young in those pictures - I'd say your new life is agreeing with you! Have fun singing - I've never done karaoke, and never will (and you should thank your lucky stars, lol!).

  3. I think its so nice of your mom to do that for you. Enjoy that time with her!

    I miss shopping with my mom so much especially this ime of year, of course I always miss her.

  4. You have the prettiest, warmest brown eyes.

    I LOVE karaoke, rock on!


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