Friday, January 13, 2012


Are you Friggatriskaidekaphobic? What is it you ask? An estimated 17 to 21 million people in the US are affected by a fear of this day. Some people are so paralyzed by fear that they avoid their normal routines in doing business, taking flights or even getting out of bed. It is the fear of Friday the 13th. I never have been too fearful of Friday the 13th. Now, full moons are a different story but that is a whole other post.

Thank you for the comments on yesterday's post. I still struggle with posting such personal business but it helps me immensely to see it in writing to help me sort my thoughts. I also love the feedback and different perspectives you guys have when you comment and if by my posting this helps someone going through something similar then that is another bonus.

The sciatica is acting up again too. Yipee skipee huh? I am at work and brought my Advil with me. I am walking sideways and it looks pretty silly but oh well. It is the only way I can get around right now.  I will try to take it easy this weekend but not sure if I will have the opportunity. It remains to be seen. Until next time...


  1. Interesting stuff K!

    Of course, there is at list one possibility that while hiding under the covers weighting for the 13th to pass by, that an airplane will crash into the house...just sayin.

    (this little quip in no way, truly meant to belittle those with this specific affliction...merely to point out that the more we feel the need to control things, the less control we actually have.)

  2. Hmmm... I want to be understanding about phobias but I have to tell you I don't get it. I want to but... meh not so much. Katie---you hit it! I keep my own blog for just that reason. Writing it all out somehow helps in the working out process.

  3. Sciatica. my sister has been having a lot of trouble with hers. :( sucky.

    we love your posts and hearing what you have to say about everything <3


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