Thursday, January 12, 2012

Prepped and Ready

I swear it feels like it should be Friday but alas, we have one more day.  Since Thursday's are my weigh day, I will get that out of the way. I stayed the same this week, 250. Honestly, I am just thankful I did not gain with the excess snacking that happened this week. I went to the grocery store last night and spent $180 and I am well prepared to cook even if it is just for myself.  No peanut butter, chips or crackers made it in the cart either. I just can't be trusted with those items so out of sight, out of mind, right?

As I was writing this post, I got a call from my mom. I was at work and she needed me to come to herhouse and help her with showering. I have never seen my mom naked. We were brought to be modest and even with all her surgeries (breast cancer and heart bypass) I had avoided it until today. She is suffering from depression and is overwhelmed by everything. She reached out to my brother yesterday and he is coming here (lives in Colorado) for the weekend. He is offering to help but he has offered before and has not come through. He can offer his opinions and help but when he leaves it goes back to her and I.  He is of the mindset that she can no longer be at home (with the caregiver) and we should consider putting her in a facility. I do not agree. I have been through this before and once she gets over the depression hurdles then she will be okay at home.  It is not going to be an easy task but I will fight for her no matter what and try to remain calm and collected about it. I must separate my issues with him and do what is right for her. I am going to make some calls to her doctors and see what our options are. BIG sigh... Until next time...


  1. Hey Katie

    I hope all works out with your mom and your brother comes through for you and her. Good job on not weight gain!

  2. I will be saying a Prayer for you and your mother:)

  3. You maintained good stuff:) Sorry about the stress with your brother about your mom. It's hard to agree with siblings over parent care issues. I went through the same thing with my sibs when my mom was dying, and when my dad had to have hip replacement surgery. Luckily your mom will be ok once the depression passes, but I'll still be thinking about you:)

  4. Good for you shopping and preparing for the next week. There are many things I can't keep in the house or I will eat it.
    I have a brother like that, makes promises to help but doesn't follow through, and he lives just a few miles away. Very frustrating! Prayers for you and your mom...

  5. I am glad your mom has you to watch out for her and take care of her. Take good care of yourself and her be patient and kind to both of you. Your in my prayers Katie.
    Hopefully, mom can get medicine to help with her depression and feel better soon.


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