Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tie it up Tuesday

How are you guys doing today? So far so good for me. I did not get any notable exercise in last night. I made salmon for dinner which is always good. I decided to make some chocolate chip cookies for some of the guys at work and I ate 6 of them... blechhh... It has gotten to the point where I really need to stop buying these trigger foods. I guess I was in denial a bit about my ability to control myself around some of those items like cereal, crackers, peanut butter and baked items in general.

I got a note on my door that they are increasing my rent to $1,225 starting March 1st. It is a $30 increase which is not too bad as there is no rent control in Santa Clara.  Now that I am living by myself it is a little more stressful coming up with that every month. I am really starting to enjoy my independence but circumstances may change and I may need to move into my mom's house but I am just not ready to do that yet for a lot of reasons. I want to live alone but clamoring around her house by myself doesn't sound appealing either. The cost savings would be substantial though so it remains to be seen...

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Soothing Lotion They claimed that you would notice a reduction in redness within a week. Well, they were right. It is by far one of the best products I have used to date. While there has been a significant reduction in the redness, there is still a light pink shade to my cheeks but nothing like it was before using the product. My cousin Amy is going to get some samples of the Clinique product that Shannon and Enz recommended so I will let you know how that works too. Until next time...


  1. I just had a stroke seeing your rent. DANG! Obviously I can't ever move back to California...that is a nice house payment in Texas!!!

    On having trigger foods in the house? Yep. That's why I don't have them. In fact, Jeff told me he promised to buy some Girl Scout cookies tonight and I told him to leave them in his car and then take them to work. They're not even THAT good (really, homemade is much better, right?), but there are just some days, that if they WERE in my house, they might find my mouth.

  2. Trigger foods haven't gotten any easier for me at all, in fact they seem worse lately, maybe its the quitting smoking or cuz I am kind of around goal I don't know. I have just realized lately I can't have the stuff in my house period, sad I can't be trusted around food. So embarrassing.
    Dang your rent is high but I've heard about that before. I hope you figure out what you plan to do soon and it's for the best!
    Glad that lotion is working out for you!

  3. That's a lot of rent for a one bedroom apartment unless you're in a luxury building of some sort. Good grief! I thought rents were high around here...

    Trigger foods happen, unfortunately. Frustrating especially when you've had a nice healthy dinner. But you're right - if you find you can't control them, don't buy them!

  4. Your rent is one of the reasons I moved from Cali to Texas. :) My house payment is barely larger than your rent. :)

  5. Trigger foods = the devil! :)

    So happy to hear the lotion is working for you. And a little pink is just cute I think. :)

  6. I avoid buying trigger foods also :)

    I don't mind you linking to me, I appreciate it!
    My brother pays that kind of rent in DC

  7. Can't keep any trigger foods in my house. I can't be trusted! Your rent is what I pay for mortgage, property tax, home owners insurance, and half of my utilities! Good grief. You should move to Hamilton, Ontario. You, Enz and I could form our own support circle:) Give up sunny California though? Unlikely!

  8. I'm totally like you... having trigger foods around just kills me. I feel like I have to eat it all up so it's not there any more but it just gets replaced with something else.

    Gotta find that balance between yummy food and weight-loss... if it were only that easy!


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