Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wet Wednesday

Had an ok day yesterday. Food was fine and I was able to space it out so I never got ravenous. It really is the key for me and it does require effort but it is time well spent. Dinner was pasta with salad and bread.

I got a call yesterday from 24 hour Fitness reminding me I still have 3 Personal Training sessions and encouraging me to use them. How lame am I? I was so excited to get started on a program back in AUGUST when I bought them and here we are in almost March and I haven't used them. Granted I did have an injury in between all of that but still... time to get my sh*t together and get my tush over there.

I recently bought a Jabra Speaker 2. I have had bluetooths before but have either misplaced them or they did not work very well.

One of my mom's caregivers had something similar and really liked it so I decided to get one. I really like it so far. It synced with my phone so it actually announces the call and says "Kathy calling" or what have you. It sounds clear and the other callers have said they can hear me just fine. I spent a little more then I wanted to but I do think it was money well spent. Every day I see people risking their lives talking and texting while driving and I can't stand it. Even this morning while I was on my way in I saw people doing it and it is pouring rain and some people didn't even have their lights on. It is the law here and it seems like people are just oblivious. Grrrr.... okay off my soap box. Until next time...

P.S. Kathy, I saw you on the way to work this morning at San Tomas and Scott :-)


  1. Sometimes an illness or an injury can break our momentum, and we have to start again. I know what you mean about texting and talking on the phone while driving. It causes lots of accidents. It's wet here today in my part of Minnesota--slushy and now it's snowing. Late winter can be nasty--drive safely.

  2. I agree with E. Jane - life events like illness, injury, death of a family member, etc. usually do break momentum. Perhaps you should set a new Day 1 and go at it from there?


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