Thursday, March 1, 2012

Scarves and Such

Well we are closing in on the weekend... thank goodness. Had a decent day yesterday. I left work early to met my mom at a doctors appt. The appt. went well and I was flattered by the doctor because he said I was smart and on top of things. Made me feel good as I really respect his opinion. Food was fine although I did not feel like cooking so I had fish tacos from El Pollo Loco. I did do 30 minutes of Just Dance 3. I also did some resistance bands

I got a call from the trainer at the gym. He then went ahead and texted me! You can run but you can't hide I guess. I am going to go on Sunday afternoon. It shouldn't be too crowded then and I can really focus on what he/she is saying vs. going after work and being only half present mentally ya know what I mean?

I did some rearranging of pictures and hung this picture in my bedroom. It was originally in my bathroom but I felt it was more appropriate for the bedroom - aka my sanctuary. I am going to disconnect the Direct TV from my bedroom. I never watch TV in there and could save myself a buck or two.

Scarves are something I like to wear but they are hard to store properly. Well yesterday I came across this idea on one of the blogs I read (via Pinterest) and it's genius! Check it out...

She took shower curtain rings and hung the rings on the hanger!! I love it! I asked Dave to get some rings for me today at the $1 store and I will put them together tonight. I can even sort them by color like my closet for easy matching. It's the little things in life that make me happy! LOL! Hope you all have a good day. Until next time...


  1. Love the picture and the scarf Idea. I don't own any like those beauts you have just the big fleece ones for winter. Such and awesome Idea too using things you have on hand or are rather cheap.

  2. I love an organized closet, and that is a great idea for the scarves!

  3. Katie J! I missed you! :) Glad to be back. <3

  4. cant wait to hear about sunday :-)



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