Monday, March 26, 2012

I Am Strong!!!

How are you all doing? Did you have a good weekend? I had a great one actually. Best one in a long time!

Last Friday, I took off of work to get some personal business done. First, I went to San Mateo County to pick up Bruce's personal property. It was an adventure let me tell you! I got lost and stuck driving on the San Mateo bridge which is a really looooong bridge. I did not have cash on me (or so I thought) and they are going to send me an IOU for the bridge toll. I finally got there about a 1/2 hour late. The exchange was pretty gritty. I am disgusted in how the whole thing has been handled and I let her know that. She felt pretty cornered and she got defensive. I told her it not all of it was her responsibility but she has been handling the case for the last 5 months and she hasn't done much of anything. I am even considering going to the media because they don't know about the thefts within the DA's office and the citing for negligence of BLTC which is a county run facility. It remains to be seen...

I also got my car registered and the title changed over finally. My mom gave me the car last June! What a slackalacker I am - sheesh. It felt so good to get that done.  I have AAA and they have a DMV counter there so it totally beats going to the DMV. No long waits or hassles.

So after I got all my personal stuff done, I had a PT appt. at the gym. The appt. went well but the only bad thing was I had not eaten much all day and was a little spacey when I got there but we managed through. I also had an appt yesterday. It went well and at one point I actually cried. I was doing some plank push ups on the Bosu ball and it was really hard but I pushed through and when I finished the last one I actually cried because I pushed through and did it. Tim was cute and actually hugged me. I was super sweaty but he did not care. Awww...

After the gym, I met Bob and Betty for lunch. We had a nice lunch and when we got back to the house, Bob asked me if I could crack his back. He is 6'2" and I am 5'2" but I tried it anyways. I was able to lift him up and after I asked him "So how much do you weigh?" and he said 215 lbs. Holy shmoley! I can lift 215 lbs. I am strong! I actually always have been pretty strong but I kinda forgot somewhere along the way but I am fully embracing it now and will use it to help propel me to my goal(s) Until next time...


  1. You are VERY strong! In lots ways :)

  2. Woo are a strong woman physically AND emotionally!!! Hope you have a great week Katie.

  3. I've cried after pushing through an especially tough workout...just shows how much you want it, my dear. Very proud of you!!!

  4. Those were the good tears of a strong woman! Very happy that you are sticking with the plan to do this for yourself.


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