Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rude Dude and Dermablend

I went to Personal Training as planned. Sunday will be my last session. There is a area of the gym that is dedicated to Personal Trainers/training. With each session, the area got more and more crowded. The thing is, these people were not trainers or training. Just people working out. I had issues a few times with people using the weights/machines we were using. I told more then one person that they needed to get out of the way so I could continue to do my thing. Yesterday took the cake though with this loud mouth dude yelling across the gym to his buddy. He was so loud I could not hear Tim. I asked him to please keep it down because I could not hear Tim and his response was "I don't give a sh*t, b*tch can't tell me what to f*ckin do!" Nice guy huh? I tried to ignore him but it was not easy. I will say something to the PT manager, Janell.  I am paying $70 an hour and want to get the most bang for my buck ya know what I mean.

After I got home, I made myself some chicken. After dinner, I decided to try a makeup called Dermablend. I have been wanting to try it for a long time but I was not sure it would work and it is a bit pricey. My intended use is on my legs to hide my NLD so I can wear capris, shorts and dresses/skirts again. It has been at least 10 years since I wore a dress in public. Here are the pictures I took before, during and after applying it. I was in the bathroom with my leg on the edge of the bathtub.



I think it worked well! Especially if I am going to be wearing pantyhose. Even if I didn't wear hose, it makes it look so much better. No one would look that close right? This leg is actually is less affected by the NLD and I will try the other leg and show you too. That will be the true test! It was a little time consuming to apply it but I think well worth it. It is waterproof and has a setting powder that makes it last all day. Until next time...

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  1. That dermablend sure works well. And wow...what a nasty man at the gym!! I think after that response he should have been kicked out...(maybe he's on steroids and has that anger thing) NOT acceptable, and the manager should know and also have a word with him. Take care Katie

  2. Wow the Dermablend really works! As for the guy at the gym, people like that think they're sticking it to the one's they're being rude to, but man, every time I witness that, I think how embarrassing it is for them for being so rude. Seventy bucks an hour is a good chunk of change and you shouldn't have to put up with abuse like that!

  3. That man from the gym was a nasty piece of work! How incredibly rude. I think talking to the manager is a great idea. If the area is supposed to be for training only, they should enforce the rules.
    The Dermablend did a great job! I've had friends use it before for tattoo cover up. There is a product called "Right to Bare Legs" that is specifically for covering up problem areas on your legs, if you are interested. It is more liquid than Dermablend so I would think it would take less time. I haven't tried it.

  4. I've heard that Dermablend is amazing - and wow, it sure covered your leg perfectly! I wouldn't worry about wearing hose in the summer...you are right, no one looks THAT close (at least that's what I tell myself when I go longer than I should w/o shaving my legs, lolol).

    Gymjerk deserves to be thrown out of that place. I hope you do report him.

  5. The Dermablend looks great!
    I'm sorry about the rude guy at the gym :( He really should've been told off my a manager and/or your PT. He dropped the s and b words, and an eff bomb? What a jerk! If someone asked me to be quiet, I would just feel embarrassed and apologize. Some people have no manners!

  6. I have been hearing about Dermablend for a long time and I'm very excited that you posted about it. I have often thought of trying it for my Rosacea. I really love your before and after. It looks great!


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