Monday, April 16, 2012

Three Word Weekend

Hope you had a good weekend! My radio station, KFOG, asks listeners on Mondays to describe their weekend in three words and mine would be Family, Sun and Lavish.  What would your three words be?

Family is because we got together with our extended family for lunch on Saturday. We went to Coco's which is where we always go. There were 6 of us. Well, they ran out of glasses, they did not have soup, there were only two teas to choose from and our food took a long time. I excused myself and went and spoke to the manager. I told him about the trouble we were having and then sat back down at the table. Well about 10 mins later he came by the table and said lunch was on him. Yay me! We left a big tip for the waitress (Adie) since she is always good.

Sun is because it was actually sunny this weekend instead of us being pounded by rain. Dave and I went to the jacuzzi at Mariani's and sat poolside and I had a Lemon Drop and read my book, Moose: A Memoir on my Kindle.

Lavish because I decided to treat myself and bought a Tiffany charm called Take Flight. I was picking up my two other necklaces that I had had cleaned and decided to splurge and get it for myself. I already have the chain so I just bought the pendant.  Isn't it purrrrty?  They have a dragonfly too that I was drooling over. Hmmm maybe I will put it on my wish list :-)

Eating was okay over the weekend except for Friday. I had not had regular pizza in forever and I tried to eat some but it made my tummy hurt like mad. I am scheduled to meet with Tim tonight and complete session 7/10. My sinuses are driving me nuts today but I am going regardless. Until next time...

P.S. You still have time to enter the Sweaty Bands Giveaway! I will announce 2 winners Wednesday.


  1. Sounds like a good weekend. And OH, that charm is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Glad you got it. Have a good Monday Katie.

  2. I'm so pleased that you are continuing with the trainer - your commitment is admirable!

    Pretty butterfly. I've never shopped at Tiffany's. Should remedy that, dontcha think? ;)

  3. oooh I have never ever ever been in a Tiffanys either!!!
    fieldtrip :-)
    thats my tuesday word.



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