Friday, May 4, 2012

Smiles and Stuff

Happy Friday everybody! What a relief eh? Aren't those faces just precious! I email one of my colleagues every Friday with a cute picture and this was my choice for today. I can't look at it without smiling.

I got the grocery shopping done which was an accomplishment. I am all prepped for the next few days at home and for food/snacks at work. Dave is coming over on Sunday because he is scheduled for knee surgery on Tuesday. He has been on the waiting list for over a year now so it is hard to believe it is finally happening. He will go in Monday for the pre-op so it is easier to go from my place then from Santa Cruz. After the surgery, he will go to rehab for 4-6 weeks.

Nothing notable planned for the weekend. It is Cinco De Mayo AND my nephew Michael's 21st birthday. My brother and SIL took him to Vegas this morning! Wish I was there!!! It is going to be in the 80s so it will be lovely and I definitely want to get outside and ride Phoebe. I want to finish reading Moose and start Skinnydipping by Bethenny Frankel. I am a Bethenny fan and absolutely loved reading A Place of Yes but this is her first attempt at fiction writing so I will see how I like it. One of these days I need to do a review of A Place of Yes. It actually helped me immensely so I would like to share with you how. Until next time...


  1. The pic made me smile too :) Have a great weekend Katie J!

  2. Have a great weekend, Miss Katie! <3!

  3. AWWW....those smiling animals are BEYOND cute!!!!! Thanks for my smile today. Have a great weekend Katie.

  4. I might try some of those books. Thank you. Love the photos they made me smile.


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