Monday, May 7, 2012

Flippin Fun!

How was your weekend? Mine was good. Eating was hit or miss but all in all okay. I was outside dinking around in my front porch area on and off all weekend. It is my little corner of the planet just like this blog is my little corner of the Internet.

I started out by getting a bird bath. It was at Walgreen's for $12. There are tons of birds around so I thought I would help them by giving them a bath to play in. It is made out of resin material but looks like metal. 

Mr. Snail

During the project

Kalanchoe and Snail
All those Kalanchoes have been in a pot at one time or another and outgrew their container so I started planting them in the ground. They are a succulent and pretty drought resistant. I like the colors they come in too. The ground is hard and I watered and picked the dirt so it would be looser. It was a great way to get some aggression out LOL. I also planted a pink dahlia but did not take a picture. I will do that tonight.

I also got this beauty!

My other barbecue was 8 years old and the teflon coating started peeling off the inside of the lid so it was time to replace it. They do have the same model available but it needed to be special ordered so I ended up with this one. It was a comedy of errors trying to get it home - let me tell you.  First of all, I bought the floor model. There was NO WAY I was going to assemble it myself. I thought it would fit in my car trunk so I did not think there would be an issue. Well... it would not fit in the trunk or inside the car (not that we didn't try!) so the young dude, Kenny, that was helping me offered to put it in his truck. I was SO thankful!! I need to drop off a Starbuck's gift card off to him. I broke it in last night by cooking steaks and kabobs. I also cooked green beans with garlic and wrapped them in foil. Delish! Love, love love it!

After all the dinking, I relaxed by doing a craft project that I have always wanted to do which is mosaic. I bought this kit last year and never did. I did one of the two and it was pretty easy. You just mix in the material with water and press it into the mold. Then you add the glass by pressing it into the material. It takes 2 days to dry completely so I will take a picture when it's done.

Dave is having his pre-op appt. this morning and will find out what time the surgery is tomorrow. He will be in the hospital for 3-4 days and then off to rehab to heal.  I am a little worried for him but not too bad. It has been giving him so much grief for so long, I am sure it will actually be a relief when it is all said and done but any time someone goes under anesthesia, it is scary. Until next time...


  1. Nice grill!! I do love summer for that reason, we grilled out pork chops last night!

  2. That snail is so cute! Great story about bringing the grill home. I've never tried to grill green beans, but I will soon. Sounds yummy.

  3. Love your birdbath and garden! Glad your weekend went well. Good luck with the grill. I have to get mine fired up!

  4. Cool stuff! I love the mosaic stepping stones, especially!

  5. Love that your weather is so nice! Pretty garden things, and I've always wanted to make a mosaic stepping stone...didn't know there were kits. I'll have to wander around Michaels or Hobby Lobby one of these days.

    Nice new BBQ! Reminds me that we need to do that more often.


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