Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weirdly Wednesday

My newest garden addition
It just does not feel like a Wednesday to me. This holiday week threw me I guess. I am slowly emerging from the haze of my overeating. I did much better yesterday. Not 100% but it was progress. I am sure today will be better.

There was an SaberCats (Arena football) player that was found dead across the street at Mariani's. He was only 26! They have not determined the cause of death yet. He leaves behind a 2 year old daughter. He had just scored three touchdowns, including the game-winner, in San Jose's 84-77 win on Saturday and had just joined the team on May 9th. Here is a link to the news story. Very sad! They don't think there is any foul play though.

Did I ever tell you that I spoke to the Area Manager at 24 hour Fitness about the incidents that happened last month? It was a good conversation and he actually listened to my complaints and appreciated my input and suggestions. That is all I wanted from the beginning really. The sad part is that I have not darkened the doorways since. I'm usually not easily intimidated but now I am hesitant to go back to that location. There are other comparable locations fairly close but this was the closest one. Maybe I will start going to the Sunnyvale location. It is a Super Sport and has only been open about a year. Funny, there is another 24hr really close and it is super janky but they get about 30K workouts a month and the newer locale gets 40K. No janky club for me... eww...

I think I will make salmon for dinner. It is going to be a warm day (80s) so I will most likely bbq it. Still loving my bbq. I highly recommend it if you are in the market. Maybe I will get walk or bike ride in as well. Until next time...


  1. I am a bit of a wuss when it comes to grilling outside.

    I don't blame you for not going. There is nothing like a bad atmosphere to put a damper on things. I would definitely go to the new one though. Bad gyms are just bad period.

  2. Ok gotta ask - what does janky mean???

  3. Glad you talked to the gym manager...I'm sorry you're not comfortable with going back to that location, though.

  4. Grilling I think is the best, plus being able to enjoy the meal outdoors just tops it off.

    Don't really know what happened at the gym but don't let it discourage you......if you feel that uncomfortable there, then move onto another location....remember it is you who is trying to get fit and healthy....don't let ANYONE stop you......good luck....

  5. sometimes it's better not to go somewhere we know we will never really feel comfortable. So sad about the football player. :(


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